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Save time and improve quality, at scale

Create first drafts in a few clicks with proposal management software that reduces the burden weighing down—and slowing down—sales, subject matter experts, and all collaborators.

Eliminate frustration of proposal building, formatting, versioning, and reviewing

How do you build proposals that feel personalized and customized for clients even though they’re assembled with reusable content? The only way to overcome the paradox of achieving unique output from repeatable process is with AI and machine learning—and a human touch—to the nth degree, which is the backbone of our proposal management software.

Our interface guides you through building reactive, proactive, and on-demand proposals for RFx, sales, customer support, and scopes of work. Armed with your library of proposal-ready content, you can create a draft in a few clicks. Unlimited user licenses allow you to engage any collaborator you need. Reuse, refine, and review: It’s proposal management software built for proposal managers by proposal managers.

Enhance every proposal use case across your organization

What does proposal management encompass at your organization? For us, it means that we want to support any type of proposal you build as part of the sales process.

Reactive proposals

Reactive proposals

refer to those you create in response to a request, most likely an RFP, RFI, RFQ, DDQ, or security questionnaire. RFPIO proposal management allows you to compose proposals using your best content and to quickly and efficiently find the most relevant answers for every questionnaire.

Proactive proposals

Proactive proposals

are those created by account executives and account managers to generate revenue. To be successful, these proposals must be highly personalized and reliably accurate, especially if they include contracts or master service agreements. You need a curated and trustworthy RFPIO Content Library that every user can access.

On-demand proposals

On-demand proposals

are those that you create seemingly on the fly. Maybe you need to include personalized answers in an email reply to a prospect or client. Or during a phone or chat conversation you need to access an important answer about compliance. Whenever you need to work quickly and seamlessly, RFPIO® LookUp gives you access to your Content Library from where you’re already working.

Automate and improve sales content governance with proposal management software

Go for new revenue

Start with a catalog of your most successful proposal templates

Populate a first draft with data-driven recommendations from your Content Library, streamline the review process for subject matter experts, and end repetitive manual tasks.
RFI integration

Seamlessly integrate proposal management software with your sales tech stack

RFPIO integrates with CRMs, cloud storage solutions, Microsoft Office, web browsers, and vendor assessment and sales enablement applications.
Mold stronger process around RFQ

Implement proposal management software to accelerate business relationships

Whether you’re submitting a proposal in response to an RFP, building a sales pitch deck, or composing a renewal contract on the fly, proposal management software helps ensure you use your most relevant content to create your best work.
Lightining intake icon

Keep sales opportunities on track

Link proposals in RFPIO to opportunities in your CRM, and gain insight into ROI by tracking win rate, revenue attribution, and resources used.

Build an accurate dependable

Customize selling documents with proposal management software

Use saved time to enhance proposals with tables, images, and rich text—and export your proposal into the source file or your own branded template—to personalize your solution to the client’s specific problem.
AI enabled search icon

Leverage AI-enabled search that learns as your Content Library grows

Populate proposals with the most relevant content using an AI-enabled recommendation engine that scours through your company’s content in seconds. With RFPIO® LookUp, you can access your RFPIO Content Library from several applications and Internet browsers.

How does proposal management software work?

Organizations use proposal management software to establish a repeatable process, manage content, save time, relieve subject matter experts’ workloads, and improve the overall quality of their proposals. Find out more in the customer stories below.

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