Save time

Prepare first drafts in a fraction of the time, enabling teams to focus on crafting compelling responses

Increase win rate

Focus efforts on the opportunities you’re most likely to win

Improve accuracy

Engage AI to locate or create responses directly from your centralised knowledge base

Boost employee experiences

Engage cross-functional teams every step of the way and make it easy for them to review and approve proposals

Enhance decision-making

Access data to identify winnable opportunities, build the strongest response teams, manage content, and find the keys to your biggest wins

How AI-powered bid and tender management

Tender management

Responsive bid and tender management software has the tools to revolutionise how you manage projects, govern content, customise bids and leverage data to pursue opportunities you’re most likely to win.

Import from Word, Excel and PDF

Automate intake of bids and tenders or other requests directly into the Responsive Platform where you can easily develop responses, collaborate, and communicate.

Let insights drive your decisions

Decide whether to respond to each tender using built-in intelligence, keeping your team focused on the opportunities you’re most likely to win.

Work seamlessly with integrations

Enable users to complete tasks from where they’re already working through Responsive integrations with CRMs, cloud storage solutions, Microsoft Office, productivity tools, sales enablement applications and more.
tender software
bid software

Bid automation

Responsive’s bid automation capabilities assist you through every stage of the tender bidding process, enabling you to bid more and win more.

Automate to keep deals moving

Increase response process efficiency by 40 percent on average and use AI to complete 80 percent or more of a first draft.

Searchable knowledge libraries

Find answers to tough questions with an AI-enabled recommendation engine that scours your company’s content for current and vetted responses in seconds.

Make translation a breeze

Bid in whatever language is required using Responsive integrations with four major translation engines.

Read what Responsive customers are saying

Draft responses with AI

Lightning-fast first drafts give you the headstart you need for polished, professional bids.

Put all content at your fingertips

Select from 'best-of' recommendations of your existing content based on AI-driven analysis of metadata in your knowledge base.

Tailor responses for a competitive edge

Refine responses in seconds using built-in prompts to create, refine, summarize, elaborate or change the voice of previous content.

Trusted by the world’s best response teams

Bids and tenders software upgrade

Manual bid and tender processes are slow, laborious and very complex. Single-point solutions help address some of the challenges. Responsive is an AI-powered end-to-end platform with the tools you need to achieve faster growth.

Centralised knowledge base

A single source of truth for all your vetted, most up-to-date company information provides instant access to all stakeholders.

Leverage the power of the Responsive Content Library directly from your everyday productivity applications, such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Slack, and more.

Requirements analysis

A strategic bid and tender management approach requires a thorough understanding of a document before beginning the bid process. Manually identifying requirements is painstaking, and bidding without a full understanding can potentially waste days or even weeks.

Take the hassle out of making bid/no-bid decisions. Conduct complex fit analyses in seconds. Use Responsive AI to extract and sort key requirements into tables to analyze fit, plan responses and ensure compliance.

Powerful integrations

Increasing time demands and distributed workforces can lead to a haphazard bid and tender management process. Responsive brings busy and remote teams together with many of the apps you already use, including CRMs, productivity & sales enablement tools, and more.

Responsive works within your existing tech stack to enhance security, centralise information and optimise adoption.