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Win more RFPs, Close More Deals.

RFP automation software helps sales teams focus on what they do best

Add hours to your day

Make time to focus on other revenue-generating activities—and respond to more RFPs—through a combination of automation and collaboration

Find the answer you need, immediately

Quickly track down information in the searchable Content Library, which can be accessed directly from Chrome or collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Focus on deals you’re likely to win

Evaluate whether or not to pursue opportunities using built-in business intelligence, letting data inform how to best allocate your team’s resources.

Bring your entire team on-board, at no extra cost

Work together with anyone inside or outside your organization without per-user fees—and without any special training.

Higher quality proposals in less time

Personalize your proposals

Submit SOWs, RFPs, and proactive proposals that are perfectly tailored to your customers’ needs, using company-approved content.

Keep opportunities on track

Link opportunities in your CRM to projects in RFPIO, and gain constant visibility into progress and approval status directly from the management dashboard.

Prepare accurate budgets

Gain insight into the ROI of bid opportunities—including win rate, revenue attribution, and resources used—in customizable reports and managerial dashboards.

Make data-driven decisions

Use the power of data to inform your bid/no-bid decisions—turning time spent into revenue gained.

“RFPIO not only increased efficiency of our responses but also the actual quality. Because of this, our RFP win rate has gone way up. We’re at a 65% win rate now due to RFPIO.”

Product Proposal Specialist - OpenGov

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