Connect, learn and strategize at Responsive Summit 2023. Also, check out the blog about our rebrand.

The virtual conference for strategic response management
October 19, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
Connect, learn and share with your community
Join us for Responsive Summit 2023 — where the response community gathers virtually to connect, share and learn strategies to align teams, become more effective, successful and responsive.
This FREE event is open to Responsive users and non-users
Don’t miss the strategic response management event of the year
This fun, interactive and FREE event will feature presentations and breakout sessions from industry leaders and visionaries as well as Responsive customers like you. Key topics that will be covered are:
Response management business trends & best practices

Response management business trends & best practices

The Responsive 2023-24 product roadmap and beyond

The Responsive 2023-24 product roadmap and beyond

The transformative power of AI and how it applies to our industry

The transformative power of AI and how it applies to our industry

Managing multiple use cases with a single platform

Managing multiple use cases with a single platform

More speakers will be announced soon

Attending partners
Responsive Summit 2023
Who should attend?
  • Response professionals Generate more revenue in less time
  • Sales professionals Win more deals and streamline your proposal, content and onboarding processes
  • IT professionals Quickly and accurately respond to security questionnaires and risk assessments
  • Finance/legal professionals Confidently respond to DDQs and ESGs
  • Company leaders Maximize revenue and access data fo informed decision making
  • Anyone who responds to RFPs, RFls, RFQs, DDQs, security questionnaires and more
Responsive Summit FAQs
Is there a cost to attend this virtual event?

No. Responsive Summit is free to everyone.

Can I attend the Responsive Summit if I am not a customer?

Yes. The summit is for our community as well as the extended community of global response professionals.

Will sessions be interactive?

Yes. The summit is interactive with live QA and chat throughout the event.

Will sessions I miss be available on demand after?

Yes. Everyone who registers will receive access to the post summit videos on demand. An email with the link to the microsite will be shared after October 24, 2023.

Where do I enter my promo code?

After clicking on the registration button, you will be directed to the registration page which contains a location to enter your promo code.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes. The link can be found here.

Where do I go for registration support?
How do I join the Responsive Community?

You can register and join the community here.

Will Responsive Summit 2024 be in person?

Yes! We will be announcing details after the 2023 event.

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Ganesh Shankar

Chief Executive Officer of Responsive

An accomplished product manager and subject matter expert, Ganesh has successfully leveraged best-in-class technologies to transform response business operations for enterprise, small and medium-sized organizations.

Responsive Summit23 Opening Keynote

As technology evolves, so does response management. Always responsive, RFPIO made it official with a new name and the immediate emergence as the Strategic Response Management category leader. While Responsive is still the industry-leading and best-in-class RFP response platform, SRM is about risk mitigation, better employee experiences, and far more.

Alison Tanner

Program Manager II, Strategy & Operations of Akamai Technologies, Inc.

After several years in marketing & sales operation roles, Alison facilitates programs that use technology to strategically improve processes while driving global sales, productivity and growth.

Uncovering the Answers: Empowering Your Teams with Response Management

Providing accurate answers in a timely manner is often a herculean task. Akamai’s team struggled with this challenge and decided to re-think their process by utilizing Responsive’s capabilities. They now have over 2000 answers being used by over 20 teams. See how the organization has increased cross-team collaboration and responsiveness.

AJ Sunder

Chief Product Officer of Responsive

A highly experienced Information Security Analyst, Sunder oversees development of advanced SaaS technologies and AI to improve the response process and increase business close rates.

The Responsive Product Roadmap

Responsive has had a big year. Product advancements such as AI and an improved UX continue to smooth the path for faster, more impactful responses, higher revenue, better collaboration and informed decision making. Can we top this year’s advances? We think so. Join Sunder as he reveals the 2024 product roadmap.

Andrew Mersman

Senior Director, Solution Consulting of Netsmart

With nearly 15 years experience at Netsmart, Andrew is responsible for leading the Solution Consulting and RFP teams, where he’s deployed seven unique SaaS solutions.

Increasing Capacity by Facing Change: A Tale of Leaving the Past Behind

The Netsmart RFP team found themselves grappling with the same obstacles that plague many proposal teams. Systems were scattered and disjointed, rendering their information outdated and their processes painfully time-consuming. They knew they had to leverage automation to increase efficiency. Responsive helped them respond to 40 percent more proposals in 2023.

Michael Londgren

Chief Marketing Officer of Responsive

Strategic, passionate, high-impact leader with a strong record of helping companies scale rapidly. Michael drives marketing for SaaS businesses ranging from startups to enterprise organizations.

Beyond Just a Name — The Responsive transformation

Responsive is about helping you put your best foot forward. It’s about prioritizing your business needs. It’s about helping you improve collaboration and accomplish your goals through better, more efficient responses to RFXs, security questionnaires, DDQs and so much more. Join Michael as he explores the reasons behind RFPIO’s transformation.

Joseph Ayala (APMP Foundation Certified)

Director, Proposal Development of Teradata

With 20 years of communication and leadership experience, Joseph joined Teradata to build a Proposal Development Center, focused on industry best practices for quality proposal responses.

Thinking of Strategic Response Management Outside the RFP Box

Learn how Teradata is creating a proposal development center to empower the organization to increase the speed and quality of their proposal responses. This discussion will explore the importance of collaboration across teams and how additional business units can unexpectedly achieve success with the processes and platforms that proposal teams rely on.

Ariana Amplo

Vice President, Professional Services of Responsive

A successful entrepreneur, Ariana has a background in financial services, consulting and investment management. She has helped countless corporations, nonprofits and municipalities complete successful RFPs and proposals.

Elevating Customer Success and Driving Growth

When you’re successful, we’re successful. Responsive’s Professional Services team is a trusted partner that’s committed to your ongoing success. Our experts are here to help ensure you’re maximizing the platform’s benefits and help you solve all of your response challenges. Ariana will introduce you to Professional Services and explore its benefits.

Nick DeMarco

Senior RFP Content Writer of Payscale

With nearly 20 years response management experience, Nick is an experienced Content Writer who manages large teams and is focused on generating proposals and RFPs.

Bringing Calm to the Chaos: Untangling the Complexities of Content Libraries

Payscale used Responsive for a few years, but not at full capacity. We had a bloated Content Library and no review cycle. Responsive helped Nick and team bring order and strategy to the chaos, revamped the entire library, decreased turnaround time, enhanced knowledge and expertise and solved many procedural challenges.

Sankar Lagudu

Chief Operating Officer of Responsive

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of cross-functional IT experience. Sankar is passionate about delivering organizational excellence and high value solutions with superior user experience for responders.

Elevating Customer Success and Driving Growth

When you’re successful, we’re successful. Responsive’s Professional Services team is a trusted partner that’s committed to your ongoing success. Our experts are here to help ensure you’re maximizing the platform’s benefits and help you solve all of your response challenges. Sankar will introduce you to Professional Services and explore its benefits.

Mattie Scull

Professional Services Consultant of Responsive

With more than five years experience as a proposal manager, Mattie draws on her previous experiences leading Responsive implementations and strategies for various govtech companies.

Showcasing the Value of Requirements Analysis

Many RFPs contain dense paragraphs of requirements in a narrative format. Responsive’s Requirements Analysis is a powerful toolkit for textual analysis with many applications, saving response teams hours, days and even weeks worth of tedious work. Mattie will delve into Requirements Analysis and explore the value in Professional Services.

Nicole Stanford

Senior Customer Success Manager of Responsive

With more than a decade of customer success experience, Nicole is fanatical about ensuring that each customer has the tools they need to be successful.

Responsive Product Demonstration

As with any great assistant, artificial intelligence has the potential to help businesses become more efficient and achieve higher profits and altogether better outcomes. Nicole will help demonstrate Responsive’s AI Assistant and show how it can handle repetitive tasks while freeing response teams to do what they do best.

Susan Berger

Solutions Engineer | Customer Trust Program Manager of Responsive

As a security and compliance professional and experienced database administrator, Susan has more than 20 years experience helping organizations achieve maximum efficiency, profitability and customer trust.

Keeping Your Content Current, Complete and Compliant

An effective content management system will help keep response teams firing on all cylinders, save valuable subject matter expert time and provide assurance of security and responsible business practices. Learn how to build and maintain an effective and up-to-date content management system without overburdening response teams and subject matter experts.