Interview: How RFP Automation is Positively Impacting Sales Teams

Ganesh Discusses Why RFP Software Helps Sales Teams Work More Effectively

Ganesh recently stopped by EPN (Entrepreneur Podcast Network) to discuss all things RFP automation. Having the right technology stack in place is crucial for the success of sales teams, and RFP software is just one of many sales enablement tools worthy of consideration.

Q: You’re a first-time entrepreneur, so what made you decide to start your own company?

A: Before starting RFPIO I was a senior product manager at a software company, where I was responding to RFPs as an SME. I was doing a lot of redundant work, which prompted me to look for a solution. That’s when I realized there wasn’t a good tool and I thought it was a good time to jump on it and start RFPIO.

Q: Building a SaaS application is quite an undertaking. How did you decide which features you wanted to include?

A: Because of our own experience of handling RFPs for close to a decade, me and the other co-founders knew what a user would expect from a solution. What we didn’t do was take things for granted or assume anything. First we created a prototype and validated it with our prospective customers. This really helped us know what needed to be included in the MVP.

Q: How do you think automation technology is changing the sales support process?

A: RFP automation is enabling sales teams to focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks. Salespeople and sales support teams that we provide solutions to are very valuable (and expensive resources) at these companies. These technologies enable them to do their job in a very focused way instead of spending time unnecessarily on manual tasks.

Q: With all of the technology competing for our attention in today’s world, how can you make your product stand out?

A: Yes, there are a lot of solutions out there. One of the key factors that makes an application stand out is the use of adoption, and companies offering SaaS solutions should take care of the burden. We strongly believe that adoption is key.

“User-friendly” is a bit of an overused term, but the product needs to be that way. There is no rocket science or a magic button here—the product needs to be user-friendly and intuitive. RFPIO customers are happy, because they are saving time managing RFPs with an easy-to-use tool.

Q: Where do you see RFPIO in a year?

A: RFPIO plans to expand our brand presence globally and continue promoting team culture to recruit and retain top talent. We have offices in both India and Oregon, and we want to keep growing and fostering a diversified team. We have big numbers to achieve that we are on target to hit.

Q: Any helpful tips you can share with our audience?

A: For fellow entrepreneurs, start with a strong product and a clear message. Also, make use of your network and community that can help with prospecting, funding, and mentoring. We are fortunate to have help from such a thriving community here in Portland. It makes such a difference to have others helping us with this effort to take RFPIO to great heights.

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