Empower customer-facing teams across your organization to grow the business

Gain the confidence to close with trusted content ​

Make it easy for extended teams to access the vetted, contract-ready content they need to do better work and drive better results

Eliminate the hassle of jumping from app to app

LookUp provides documents and accurate answers from the Responsive Content Library in seconds–and in the app you’re using.

Collaborate with ease across your organization

Engage with cross-functional teammates working in Responsive through the chat apps they already use, moving projects forward fast.

LookUp meets you where you are

LookUp meets you where you are

Access content from the productivity and messaging apps you use

  • Search for recommended content as you need it right from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, or by using the LookUp browser extensions for Chrome and Edge.
  • Quickly pull up the content you need directly in Slack, Teams, or Google Chat conversations.

Collaborate with other Responsive users directly from messaging apps

  • Request or provide project/content updates and discuss complex responses in Slack, Teams, and Google Chat.
  • View Project Dashboards directly in Teams eliminating the need to ask for real time updates.

Add new content to the Responsive content library

  • Submit new Q&A pairs to the Content Library from the Microsoft 365 apps you live in using the LookUp browser extension.
  • Build new decks and save them to Responsive directly from PowerPoint, making the latest content instantly available to others.

Save time and deliver bottom-line results

With Responsive LookUp, bid managers now have immediate access to pre-approved content they can easily add to their proposals. As a result, proposal quality has improved dramatically.

— Shashi Kumar, Assistant VP of Content

Up to 35 percent more efficient

By creating an access-anywhere knowledge base of vetted content, responders throughout the organization build their own proposals that are more accurate and of higher quality.

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The Responsive Platform is purpose-built for strategic response management at scale, supporting every response use case and uniting teams across companies of all sizes.

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