Move forward faster with DDQ software

  • Through a leading approach to human-AI collaboration,
  • Responsive helps you automate and optimize content management,
  • collaboration and project management so you can deliver more efficient, accurate DDQ responses.

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of a DDQ completed automatically

End repetitive manual tasks and streamline the review process for subject matter experts and other important stakeholders.


reduction in DDQ response time

Turn around due diligence questionnaires faster while improving accuracy by relying on vetted, updated content.


confidence in response accuracy

Use intuitive project management and collaboration features to build and audit your content in a single source of truth.

Trusted by response teams from top companies around the world.

Enhance your sales techology stack

Enhance your sales techology stack

Manage responses for DDQs, RFPs, RFIs and all other external requests while seamlessly accessing strategic response management data and content directly from your CRM, sales enablement software, cloud storage and more.

Increase speed and ensure accuracy for every DDQ response

Increase speed and ensure accuracy for every DDQ response

With Responsive LookUp, you can access your DDQ and other response content from a centralized library from where you’re already working, including Google Chrome, Slack, MS Office, Outlook, Teams and more.

Manage knowledge, teams, and accuracy with DDQ software

Seize control of DDQs and all external requests, including security questionnaires, RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs, with AI-enabled response management.


Responsive has paid for itself again and again. Based on the estimated time team members saved looking for content using Responsive.

RHONDA NICHOLSON, Senior Business Program Manager

$4.2M saved

Collaborating on responses takes efficiency to a new level at Microsoft, achieving better deal velocity and helping SMEs focus on strategic tasks.