RFP360 Announces New Tool to Streamline Discoveries

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RFP360 announces new tool to streamline discoveries

Client Discovery empowers greater collaboration between consultants, clients and vendors

Kansas City, MO – July 16, 2018 –RFP360, the leading provider of end-to-end request for proposal (RFP) software for issuers and responders, today announced the release of Client Discovery —  a new module that empowers consultants to simplify and streamline clients’ discoveries when they issue RFPs.

Client Discovery stores vendor-submitted discovery information in RFP360’s dynamic, searchable database, simplifying the process of creating follow-on RFPs. Client permitting, vendors can also access intel from discoveries within the RFP360-generated RFP.

“Client Discovery is the latest example of our commitment to provide our customers with the most innovative RFP technology possible,” said StuartLudlow, technical lead and co-founder at RFP360. “It empowers consultants to streamline their clients’ needs by storing relevant client information in a format that’s easy to consume, tabulate and share.”

Lockton Companies Assistant Vice President Dan Meyers also touts Client Discovery’s ability to streamline the discovery process.

“We’re proud to have partnered with RFP360 on this latest addition to their suite,” said Meyers. “With Client Discovery, our team can more effectively collaborate with our clients, helping us quickly and easily shortlist vendors.”

By leveraging Client Discovery, consultants everywhere now have the unique opportunity to streamline discoveries and leverage the resulting documentation to easily build and score RFPs.

About RFP360
RFP360 is the only end-to-end RFP software on the market that streamlines processes for RFP issuers and responders. Since launching in 2012, RFP360 software has been leveraged by more than 23,000 users in over 500 organizations across four continents.

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