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Wendy Gittleson
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After weeks or even months of back and forth with a sales prospect, your company finally made the shortlist. Now, the prospect wants a formal proposal. Congratulations!

If you’re like many of the sales leaders we speak to, the celebration, while well deserved, is short-lived, because you know that creating a winning response will require long days (or nights) for your sales reps, neglecting other prospects, or doing the best with what you have and hoping the competition does the same. Plus, salespeople are hired for their ability to sell, not write.

Staying competitive is tough

Today’s customers are more informed than ever. Most have researched your company before ever talking to a salesperson. At the same time, their needs — and the proposals addressing their needs — are far more complex. Sending customers generic or incorrect information puts deals and reputations at risk.

Empowering sales teams to be more competitive means arming them with the ability to quickly and easily create winning proposals. Accurate and timely proposals that specifically address customer needs can help accelerate a sales cycle. 

The pressure is on:

Buyers expect more

When prospects receive boilerplate, generic, or poorly written proposals, it paints a picture of a vendor that is too overwhelmed to properly respond to their requirements or isn’t interested in their business. A disjointed proposal process has demonstrable consequences:

  • The majority of B2B buyers say that the materials they get are extraneous instead of helpful
  • Most say that vendors tend to focus on style instead of substance
  • Poor content means lost business and diminished scalability

According to Elise Hahn, senior product manager, Experience Manager Assets, at Adobe, as cited by Forrester, “Since poor content is perceived as a reflection of the product value itself, we have to prioritize getting it right.”  

How Proposal Builder helps sales teams

We launched Proposal Builder to address these challenges, helping sales reps accelerate deals and increase win rates by delivering customized proposals at scale. Here’s how:

Boost productivity

Empower sales reps to deliver custom proposals with approved content within minutes, giving them time back to spend on high-value activities.

Enable customization with control

Give sales reps access to pre-approved content that’s easily tailored to specific customers, industries or products.

Win more deals faster

Accelerate the sales cycle and win more deals with timely and bespoke proposals that make your company stand out from the competition. 

The technology behind Proposal Builder

With Proposal Builder, field teams can rely on:

An intuitive UX 

Every hour spent tracking down content or fumbling with cumbersome technology is an hour that should be spent selling. Proposal Builder returns hours and weeks of valuable time to sales teams.

A single source of truth 

Ensure proposals include the right content. Reps leverage approved, updated content from your organization, pulling in the latest company information, product and pricing catalogs, team bios, and more. 

Rich design capabilities 

Professional proposals are about more than substance. Proposal Builder reduces dependencies on cross-functional partners in the proposal design process. Sales reps create polished documents with approved content and branding in just a few clicks without having to worry about formatting, design, or extensive stakeholder reviews.

Digitally sharable docs

Send your proposal in your prospect’s preferred format and track customer engagement, giving you a window into knowing where you stand and what your next steps may be.

Powerful platform

Proposal Builder is built on the Responsive Strategic Response Management Platform, supporting response use cases and teams across your organization. Customers harness best-in-class capabilities for content management, project management, collaboration, content accessibility, and business intelligence, with AI at its core. 

Final thoughts

An economy in flux means that buyers are more selective with how they spend their money.  Competitors, taking nothing for granted, will pull out all the stops. To remain competitive, sales teams spend their time building pipeline, nurturing relationships, and addressing customer needs – not writing and designing proposals from scratch. 

Proposal Builder empowers sales teams to drive efficient growth by delivering customized, winning proposals at scale.  

Reach out to learn how Proposal Builder can help your sales team narrow the gap between conversation and closed-won. 

Wendy Gittleson

Wendy has more than 10 years experience as a B2B and B2C copywriter. She developed a passion for writing about tech from living in the San Francisco Bay Area and working for a technology school. From there, she transitioned to writing about everything from SaaS to hardware and cloud migration. She is excited to be part of the wonderful team at Responsive and looks forward to playing her part in building the future. Connect with Wendy on LinkedIn.


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