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Wendy Gittleson
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Winning more RFPs depends on more than great answers — you also need workflow, task management and collaboration to drive a faster, better process.

  • Simplify development
  • Automate manual steps
  • Respond to more RFPs

Behind every winning proposal is a successful team effort.

We understand how important workflow, task management and collaboration features are to proposal development, so we built them seamlessly into every facet of our software.

Writing a response? Approval workflow is right there. Need help with a question? Ask a subject matter expert with one click. Co-authoring a proposal? Connect with others seamlessly.

When the difference between winning and losing an RFP often comes down to efficiency and quality, RFP360 gives your team everything it needs to work and succeed together.

Improve proposal workflow from start to finish.

From the moment you decide to start a new proposal, our software automatically goes to work establishing a default workflow based on your project details. You can instantly adjust, assigning different writers, approvers and deadlines at any point in the process. And notifications, tasks and other purpose-built functions help you get to the finish line in record time.

Collaborate and communicate in one platform.

We provide a single hub where everyone involved in getting a proposal out the door can collaborate and communicate, simplifying and improving the development process. So instead of sending emails, tracking changes in documents, sharing spreadsheets and chasing down approvals, your team works together effortlessly within the context of every proposal.

A simpler, smarter RFP process is good business.

When a fast-growing company set out to win new business by responding to more RFPs, they knew RFP360’s proposal workflow and other related features were key.

“In my experience, it’s fewer keystrokes to get everything done. And lastly, the ability to assign tasks with deadlines and send reminders — the workflow and task management functions that are built into the tool — are fantastic.”

Eric McKinnon,

Senior vice president of sales for CerpassRx

Manage and track all of your tasks effortlessly.

With RFP360, you’ll never wonder who is working on what answer, when something is due or what a project’s status is. With our seamless task management features, you can quickly assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress and shift work to avoid bottlenecks. Tasks are highly visible inside the platform — in dashboards and task lists — so everyone’s on the same page.

Automate tasks so you can focus on answers.

While there are numerous benefits of RFP automation, we think eliminating the tedious tasks that distract you from developing better responses is at the top of the list. For example, RFP360 automatically reminds you when things are due and routes draft responses for approval. Because our software handles these smaller steps, more valuable work gets done in less time.


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