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You want one thing: To achieve your sales goals. But there are many steps between “wanting to achieve” and “actually achieving”. Effectively responding to RFPs is one of those steps.

Your team generates revenue when you win RFPs. Yet, responding to RFPs involves a substantial time commitment from sales, adding fuel to the fire for the 68% of salespeople who struggle with managing their time to focus on sales-related activities.

Rather than dwelling on what you can’t control, you’re here to take control. Proposal automation software has sparked your curiosity. You know it will save you time, but how exactly? You know it integrates with some technology, but which solutions? Let’s dig deeper into proposal automation software integrations so you know which benefits to expect.

RFPIO Salesforce integration

Many sales departments live and breathe in Salesforce. When your team isn’t interacting with prospects and customers, they probably turn to Salesforce for information. Your proposal automation software must integrate with the existing CRM system your team uses.

The RFPIO Salesforce integration helps sales teams like yours communicate more efficiently both inside and outside the platform. Integrating your customer relationship database with RFP response automation software consolidates your technology and makes RFP responses a breeze.

With the RFPIO Salesforce integration, you’ll have:

    • Instant access to your organization’s content library (RFPIO’s Content Library) and to all relevant CRM data inside one platform.
    • The ability to start a project by tying it to a Salesforce opportunity, automatically pulling in relevant data.
    • An easy way to submit RFP opportunities as intake requests.
    • Full visibility to track opportunities, active RFP responses, and sales.
    • A comprehensive overview at a glance to track progress and know where a project stands.
    • Salesforce reporting integration, which is key for both sales management and decision-makers.

In addition to the RFPIO Salesforce integration, RFPIO has several CRM integrations, with one certain to be the best fit for your organization. Other CRM integrations include: Pipelinedeals, HubSpot, Dynamics CRM, and Pipedrive.

“We have a more streamlined, collaborative process now. Our team works more easily together than ever before. If someone is looking at a Salesforce record, it is really convenient for them to be able to click on the RFPIO project to see those details.” ~ PerfectMind (read the full case study here)

Easy communication and simple access

As a sales professional, your day is filled with interpersonal communication. You need access to information for customer inquiries, working with prospects, and closing deals on the fly.

When you’re asked to respond to an RFP, the same need is just as critical. Technology like proposal automation software should work harder and smarter for you, making communication easier and access to information simpler to come by.

Slack and Microsoft Teams

RFPIO offers convenient communication integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. With a cloud-based communication platform like Slack, you know how easy it is to instant message across multiple devices and platforms in one shot.

With the RFPIO Slack integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Have a conversation with your whole team at a single point.
  • Send notifications to both RFPIO Slack and a configured channel.
  • Reply to messages from Slack and populate them in RFPIO.
  • Search your organization’s content library in Slack.

RFPIO provides integration with Microsoft Teams too. You’ll experience many of the same benefits. RFP projects can be added to a Microsoft Teams board. Respond to questions, use the recommendations library, attach documents, add clarifications, and export responses.

No more tracking emails and instant messages in multiple platforms, searching through spreadsheets, and making unnecessary phone calls to busy colleagues. Slack and Microsoft Team integrations with RFPIO simplify your communication tactics and improve team collaboration on RFP responses.

SSO (Single-Sign-On) Authentication

Single-sign-on (SSO) authentication integration streamlines your daily processes even further. RFPIO has integrations with Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft Azure, Onelogin and Okta. When an RFP, RFI, or security questionnaire project comes up, jump right into the project with one simple and secure login no matter where you are.

63% of salespeople said RFPIO enables them to automate their process, granting them more time to pursue new business with RFPs. Instant and secure information access simplifies your RFP responses, saves you time and effort, and lets you focus on your prime directive—sales.

Cloud integrations streamline information

RFPIO is a cloud-based solution that automates and streamlines the process of responding to RFPs. Leveraging this technology, we’ve integrated with several popular cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Box.

Cloud integration enhances collaboration—and better collaboration makes everyone’s job easier. The next time you’re assigned a handful of RFP questions, you won’t have to deal with information silos. Documents and collateral materials are readily accessible across platforms and devices in the cloud.

Easy online content access with RFPIO Lookup

Last but not least is RFPIO Lookup, which is one of our most popular integrations for sales teams…after Salesforce and SSO. RFPIO integrates with Google Chrome so you can access content right from your web browser. You can smell the sweet scent of time-savings already, can’t you?

Simply download and install the Chrome extension and search your organization’s content library by keyword—Lookup delivers advanced search capabilities with filters. Another important aspect of RFPIO Lookup is being able to create a project in RFPIO, even when you’re responding to a question.

You’re looking for an RFP response automation solution to work hard for you so that you can stay focused on closing deals for your organization. With several robust, bi-directional integrations, RFPIO is the answer. Let RFPIO work harder and smarter for you on your next RFP response. Schedule a demo today.

Mitchell Hipp

As the Senior Account Executive of Responsive, Mitchell Hipp helps businesses understand the opportunity to scale their sales operations process by adopting an RFP response solution. An experienced account executive, Mitchell previously led a team of engineers and SMEs to architect IT solutions for businesses. Connect with Mitchell on LinkedIn.


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