RFPIO’s Automation Software Bolsters Accruent Proposal Response Rate by 5x


Content library enables proposal teams to optimize responses during RFP process

BEAVERTON, Ore. — November 10, 2022 — RFPIO , the leading response management platform enabling go-to-market teams to drive efficient revenue, has partnered with Accruent, a business and office management software, to expedite the RFP process by five times. Accruent provides intelligent business and office management software helping workplace and asset management organizations unify built environments for better management of people, places, and resources. In recent years, the company has grown significantly through industry acquisitions resulting in nine different products and more than 1,300 employees.

Due to the technical nature of Accruent’s products, subject-matter experts (SMEs) on the team were taking on excess workload which disrupted overall efficiency. The company tapped RFPIO to help empower the RFP team to answer proposal questions both in scale and thoroughness. With RFPIO, Accruent was able to reduce the workload burden of SMEs so they could focus on other revenue-generating projects.

“Business leaders are always looking for ways to improve and maximize efficiency throughout the company, and that is especially the case when it comes to proposal response management,” says Ganesh Shankar, CEO and cofounder of RFPIO. “RFPIO’s content library provides team members throughout the company with detailed information in a simple, timely, accurate and up-to-date manner.”

Using RFPIO, Accruent was able to:

    • Revamp its content library

Accruent was able to better organize and maximize its information with RFPIO’s Content Library. In conjunction with the RFPIO team, the company reworked its collections so the content was organized and had a better tagging structure. This resulted in nine new content collections for each product and a separate collection for security questions. Beyond the initial project of bolstering the content library, RFPIO performs ongoing content maintenance which includes cleaning up the tags, making sure the moderation queue is at zero, and working with SMEs to keep all content up to date. The improved content library has resulted in the proposals team answering more than half of all questions all on their own.

    • Maximize collaboration

Utilizing RFPIO’s collaboration features, Accruent’s proposal team can now seamlessly communicate and work together throughout the entire proposal process. Before, the company often had nearly 10 SMEs working on RFPs at a time, resulting in unnecessary calls and questions and inhibiting overall productivity. The comments function in RFPIO facilitates these conversations in one place and in real time, maximizing efficiency and enabling team members across different fields to easily communicate.

    • Submit more RFPs with confidence

With the help of the content library, the proposal team is now able to complete more than 50% of all RFP questions on its own. This increased efficiency by a scale of five as the team can now handle up to 25 RFPs simultaneously. Security question response time has improved significantly as well with the proposal team now being able to answer 75% of the security questionnaire on its own and in half the time. Prior, security questionnaires were primarily the responsibility of one SME, and took around 10 days to complete.

“Our proposal team has a high volume of projects live and RFPIO enables them to deliver with speed while maintaining a high level of quality,” says T.C. Kaiser, SVP of Global Solution Consulting at Accruent. “Our team relies on the platform to drive value to our organization and make the best impression with our customers.”

You can view the full Accruent case study here.

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