Create stunning proposals that drive revenue

Boost sales

Customize and send proposals quickly, letting reps focus on high-value activities that move deals forward faster.

Enable customization
with control

Equip sales teams with trusted, approved content that can be personalized to meet the needs of specific customers, industries, or products.

Grab your customer’s

Increase customer engagement with timely, tailored proposals that stand out, narrowing the gap between conversation and close.

Winning proposals in three easy steps

Winning proposals in three easy steps

Design new templates

  • Empower sellers with the best content for each customer. Proposal and enablement teams can provide the right building blocks – content, images, and tables – to showcase company information or product and service offerings.
  • Easily create proposal templates that resonate with your customers. Build a content library that includes templates tailored by industry, business size, and more.
  • Help sellers make a great first impression. Reflect the power of your brand in every template. Whether it's formatting, styles, fonts, or cover page design, Proposal Builder makes it easy to be compliant.

Personalize proposals for each opportunity

  • Select the right template and customize it with ease. Sellers can easily insert paragraphs, product descriptions, pricing, and more. Crafting the right proposal for the right opportunity drives greater customer engagement and fuels growth for your business
  • Preview and fine-tune proposals. Quickly and easily review and make final edits before hitting “send.”

Share proposals and track engagement

  • Send proposals digitally through email directly from Proposal Builder or export them as Word or PDF documents
  • Use real-time analytics to track customer engagement with digital proposals. Leverage insights to reach out or send reminders, moving opportunities forward.

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The Responsive Platform is purpose-built for strategic responsive management at scale, supporting every response use case and teams across companies of all sizes

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