Customize proposals with reusable content

Customize proposals with reusable content

The only way to overcome the paradox of achieving unique output from a repeatable process is with AI and machine learning — and a human touch — the backbone of our proposal management software.

Our software guides you through building reactive, proactive, and on-demand proposals for RFX, sales, customer support and scopes of work (SOWs). Armed with your library of proposal-ready content, you can create a draft in a few clicks. Reuse, refine and review — proposal management software built by proposal managers.

What does proposal management encompass at your organization?

For us, it means that we want to support any type of proposal you build as part of the sales process.

Reactive proposals

Create reactive proposals in response to any request (RFP, RFI, RFQ, DDQ, security questionnaire and more) using Responsive automated proposal management software to quickly develop proposals that leverage your best and most relevant content and answers for every question.

Proactive proposals

Empower executives and account managers to generate more revenue by publishing proactive proposals that are highly personalized and reliably accurate — even ones that include contracts or master service agreements — using the right information from your content library.

On-demand proposals

Respond easily to ad hoc, on-demand information requests like personalized answers for a prospect email, critical business presentation or follow-up from a compliance question. Whenever you need to work quickly, Responsive LookUp gives you instant access to all of your content.

Proposal software with
AI-powered recommendations and integrations

Start with a catalog of your most successful proposal templates

Complete a first draft with AI-driven recommendations from your content library, streamlining the review process for subject matter experts and eliminating manual tasks.

Integrate proposal software with your sales tech stack

Responsive offers the most native integrations — CRMs, cloud storage solutions, Microsoft Office, web browsers, productivity tools, sales enablement applications and more.

Close deals faster with proposal management software

Whether you’re submitting an RFP proposal, building a sales pitch deck or crafting a renewal contract on the fly, Responsive software puts your best work forward.

Keep your sales opportunities on track and proposals on time

Link proposals in Responsive to opportunities in your CRM, meeting deadlines and gaining insight into ROI by tracking win rate, revenue attribution and resources used.

Customize selling documents with Responsive for proposals

Save time and enhance proposals with tables, images and rich text, exporting your proposal into the source file or your own template to meet a client’s specific needs.

Leverage AI-enabled search that learns from your content and proposals

Populate proposals with the most relevant content using an AI-enabled recommendation engine that scours through your company’s content in seconds.

Proposal management success stories

Our customers use proposal management software to establish a repeatable process, manage content, save time, ease workloads and improve the overall quality of their proposals.

Bring your team together with proposal software

  • Assign workflow tasks for every step of the process, keeping everyone aligned on project responsibilities and statuses.
  • Gain visibility into all team members’ workloads and assign or reassign tasks based on their availability.
  • Streamline collaboration with in-app comments, @mentioning and integrations with tools like Slack, Teams and Hangouts.
  • Select reviewers, collect feedback, work simultaneously and gather signatures through built-in sequential review and esignatures.
Bring your team together with proposal software