RFQ software relieves deadline pressure

RFQ software relieves deadline pressure

When you receive a request for quote (RFQ) or invitation for bid (IFB), you’re being asked to provide bottom-line details on what a contract will cost. Accuracy and transparency are absolutely paramount, but no amount of painstaking legwork will make up for missing an RFQ submission deadline.

RFQ software puts the content (pricing, services, templates and so on), collaboration tools and streamlined automation at your fingertips to turn around every RFQ on deadline, even if it’s the same day. Powered by RFQ automation, you'll have as much confidence responding to RFQs that you feel you can win as those you don’t want to skip for fear of jeopardizing your brand.

Make revenue generation more efficient with Responsive RFQ software

Take a chance on every revenue opportunity, even the long shots

No opportunity is a waste of time when you have automated RFQ software in your tech stack to respond efficiently and accurately.

RFQ software natively integrates with your sales technology stack

Responsive connects to CRMs, cloud storage solutions, sales enablement solutions, productivity applications and other tools with seamless integrations.

Mold stronger processes around automated RFQ software

Use AI-driven intelligence to work smarter, streamline formatting and branding at intake, build first drafts rapidly and assign reviews to eliminate bottlenecks.

Accelerate your project with a quick intake of almost any document

Eliminate formatting headaches and delays by importing RFQs as Word, Excel, PDF or other document formats into the Responsive platform.

Build an accurate, dependable library of RFQ and other response content

Store, audit and search response-ready content in a library built for intuitive search, intelligent collaboration and easy access to pricing and service details.

Watch AI-enabled search learn as your content library grows

Fill in up to 80 percent or more of an RFQ template with our AI-enabled recommendation engine that scours through your company’s content in seconds.

What are the advantages of RFQ software?

Organizations use RFQ software to respond to requests for quotes in a fraction of the time. Responsive customers use their RFQ software for so much more.

Bring your team together with RFQ software

  • Assign workflow tasks for every step of the process, keeping everyone aligned on project responsibilities and statuses.
  • Gain visibility into all team members’ workloads and assign or reassign tasks based on their availability.
  • Streamline collaboration with in-app comments, @mentioning and integrations with tools like Slack, Teams and Hangouts.
  • Select reviewers, collect feedback, work simultaneously and gather signatures through built-in sequential review and esignatures.
Bring your team together with RFQ software