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Just like Law & Order: SVU, cloud-based sales technologies kicked off in 1999 and somehow continue to come out with new material 20 years later. For Responsive, that means delivering a seamless process from proposal to acceptance with Responsive eSignature.

As any good sales leader knows, increasing efficiency through technology doesn’t mean adopting many different technologies. It means strategically identifying the tech that works for you and your sales team, and finding opportunities to bring things under one roof.

According to a recent study by RingCentral, two-thirds of workers spend at least 60 minutes a day toggling back and forth between apps. This adds up to more than a month lost every year and costs billions of dollars in lost productivity annually for businesses.

“Two-thirds of workers spend at least 60 minutes a day toggling back and forth between apps. This adds up to more than a month lost every year and costs billions of dollars in lost productivity annually for businesses.” – RingCentral

At Responsive, we automate our responses to RFPs, RFIs, security questionnaires, and other complicated questionnaires using our own RFP automation solution. But if we needed to get anything signed—be it a cover letter, an NDA, or a contract—we would need to make a special trip into a separate eSignature tool.

So we decided to bring eSignature and proposal management under one roof, with our brand spanking new eSignature tool.

Our eSignature tool is designed specifically for sales and proposal teams. But the best news is that it’s absolutely free to Responsive customers.*

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s clear up some basics.

What is electronic signature (eSignature)?

Electronic signature, eSignature, or digital signature is an efficient, legally binding way to get approval on electronic documents.

For any electronic signature solution to be legally binding, it must:

  • Enable signing parties to explicitly consent to use electronic signature and do business electronically,
  • Give users the choice to decline to sign electronically,
  • Track how the document was signed, and
  • Send a copy of the completed/signed document to all signing parties.

Sales and proposal teams use electronic signatures on documents like NDAs, cover letters, legal documents, disclosures, and more. Unlike traditionally signed documents—which take 5-6 days to process—electronically signed documents can be signed within minutes.

With eSignature, you can embed digital signature functionality within your proposal management solution, further streamlining the sales process by keeping your signed documents all in one place.

How to sign sales contracts online (and other documents) with eSignature

Signing sales documents using eSignature is extremely intuitive. Just like many other digital signature tools, signing documents using eSignature can be done in just four quick steps.

Step 1: Open the document for signature

Navigate to the eSignature dashboard, click on “Awaiting my signature”, and click open the document. You can also open the document directly from your email.

Step 1: Open the document for signing

Step 2: Consent to online signature

When you open the document, you’ll see a prompt to ask you to read the Electronic Record & Signature Disclosure. After reading this document, click the box to indicate that you consent to using electronic signature and doing business electronically.

Step 3: Start signing

Sign and initial where indicated in a couple clicks. Responsive eSignature stores your preferred signature and initials, so it’s ready for you when you need it.

sign document

Step 4: Download documents

Download a copy of the signed document for your records. A copy will also be sent to your email, and you can access other documents you’ve signed from your eSignature dashboard.

download documents

How to integrate eSignature into your sales tech stack

If you’re already a Responsive customer (or planning to be) integrating eSignature into your sales tech stack is as easy as opening your Responsive dashboard. Our eSignature is included with all Responsive subscriptions—and it’s totally free for all Responsive users at your company. Which, if you’re taking advantage of our unlimited licensing model, means everyone.*

The most challenging part of any new tool—even if it’s free for everyone,* easy to use, and integrates into existing processes—is getting people to use it. People don’t like change, even if the change is good for them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for getting the rest of your organization rocking and rolling in eSignature:

Step 1: Get buy-in from leadership

When you’re having the conversation with leadership about eSignature, make sure to bring up the fact that it’s free for all Responsive users.* If you’re already paying for an Responsive subscription, using eSignature is a no-brainer.

Here’s a sample email template you can use when sharing information about this new feature with leadership:

SUBJECT: Free eSignature feature included with our existing subscription

Hi ,

Responsive, our proposal automation solution, has just introduced a built-in eSignature functionality—at no additional cost to us.

Because we have an unlimited user license with Responsive, anyone at can use eSignature for free.

I’d love to help get the team up and running with this tool. I’ll be scheduling training sessions with the team over the next couple of weeks.

Can you help communicate the importance of this free new feature with the rest of the team?

Here are some resources you can check out to learn more about their eSignature functionality:
Blog: Using eSignature for sales and proposal teams
Help Center Article: Responsive eSignature overview


Step 2: Schedule training

The key to helping your team get up and running with eSignature is to show them how it works. Schedule a training session to show them how they can use eSignature to sign NDAs, contracts, and other documents.

If you have a large team, it’s better to roll out the new tool in waves. Rather than trying to train everyone all at once, start with a small group and expand from there.

Step 3: Share information

Before you conduct your training session, send an email to your team with information about eSignature, the training agenda, and other resources they can peruse.

Here’s a sample template you can use:

SUBJECT: Announcement: New eSignature tool training

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that Responsive, our proposal automation solution, has recently introduced a built-in eSignature functionality!

I’ve just sent out an invitation for a training session to show you how to use the tool, and answer any questions you might have.

Before the session, please read these resources to learn more about the new feature and how it works:
Blog: Using eSignature for sales and proposal teams
Help Center Article: Responsive eSignature overview

Let me know if you have any questions.

See you during the training!

Step 4: Schedule follow-up training

Remember: Training is not a “one-and-done” thing. People hate change, even if it’s good for them.

Schedule regular follow-up training to see what questions people have, what users want to learn more about, or are struggling to understand.

Start digitally signing contracts, sales documents, and more

Responsive users can access eSignature for free*, which makes sending and signing documents that much easier.

If you’re already an Responsive customer, check out our Help center article for detailed instructions on using signature.

If you’re thinking about becoming a customer, request a demo to see how eSignature works.

*The inclusion of the free eSignature tool depends on your Responsive package. If you currently don’t have eSignature, but want it, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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