Interview: How RFPIO Helps Streamline the RFP Response Process

Ganesh Shankar reveals how RFPIO helps businesses navigate RFP response

The SuperbCrew team invited Ganesh Shankar over to chat about how RFPIO can help businesses streamline the RFP response process. From the prominent advantages of RFP automation to the achievements RFPIO is most proud of, Ganesh shares the story behind our platform and how we are guiding businesses toward a more efficient future through technology.

Q: Describe the problem your business is looking to solve and explain how you are solving it?

A: Responding to requests for proposals is one of the most important tasks at many companies, as it represents the opportunity to win new business and generate revenue. However, for the people responsible for completing the proposal, the RFP response experience is frequently frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming.

RFPIO’s software helps businesses effectively manage the proposal process by automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency through simplified team collaboration. On average our clients have reported saving 30-40% on their RFP response time, and some have cut that time in half.

Q: What’s the best thing about RFPIO that people might not know about?

A: The foundation of RFPIO was built on the shared experience the three co-founders had with RFP response. As a product manager, I was spending nearly 30% of my time just responding to RFPs, so I knew the redundancies and hardships firsthand. That struggle was the driving force behind the creation of our RFP software.

Although we had experience working on RFPs, we didn’t make any assumptions while developing the product. We built a prototype, then validated it by testing with a sample of users. We understood how important it was to get the product into their hands and receive feedback. This helped us create a product that truly put the user first—and set the stage for the positive responses we continually hear from our clients today.

Q: What’s the achievement RFPIO is most proud of?

A: Having experienced the stress that comes with responding to RFPs, being able to alleviate that pain for our clients makes us very proud.

Today there is no shortage of SaaS applications promising to benefit businesses. Often clients tell us how pleased they are with the accessibility of RFPIO, as they don’t have to devote unnecessary hours to training their team. Taking ramp-up time out of the equation allows them to execute and see immediate results.

Hearing the many stories about how the tool positively impacts our clients—the relief over saving time, the excitement to be able to reach bigger milestones—helps us see that we are making good on our promise.

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