Why are people switching from Qvidian to Responsive?

  • Unmatched growth and scalability

    While Qvidian’s point solution focuses entirely on answering RFPs, Responsive creates winning RFPs and so much more. The platform is thoughtfully designed for your entire organization — empowering greater collaboration, efficiency and consistency — no matter how fast you grow. Growth-focused Qvidian customers often choose to upgrade to Responsive.

  • Powerful integrations and automation

    Responsive is consistently first to market with robust integrations and the latest AI features built to work seamlessly and save time. From AI-powered search to generative AI, the latest technology is always at your fingertips. While Qvidian offers some integrations and AI tools, Qvidian reviews note that the functionality is limited and the results don’t always offer meaningful value.

  • Advanced content management

    Content is the cornerstone to building successful RFP response processes. Responsive is the only tool that offers in-app collaborative content editing, content translation, content analysis, information profiles and more.  Qvidian reviews report challenges with basic content functionality like importing, formatting, task assignment and multi-user collaboration.

Leading companies that upgraded to Responsive

Qvidian simply answers RFPs. Responsive takes your team to the next level.

Qvidian and Responsive are both software solutions that streamline the request for proposal (RFP) response process. However, they have significant differences in their approaches. 

For example, Qvidian focuses almost exclusively on RFPs while Responsive is designed to work with any kind of RFX or questionnaire. This holistic approach maximizes the value of your content and empowers you to scale faster — Making Responsive a strategic response management (SRM) platform, rather than a point solution.

It’s a difference that delivers results. According to recent research from Callan Consulting, leading bid and proposal teams that use RFP software to the fullest generate 34 percent more revenue.

Explore the research to discover how Responsive transforms laggards to leaders.

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Qvidian simply answers RFPs. Responsive takes your team to the next level.
SRM platform vs RFP point solution - What’s the difference?

SRM platform vs RFP point solution - What’s the difference?

Qvidian is RFP software designed for just that — RFPs. However, Responsive understands that the information and content created to respond to RFPs and questionnaires has limitless value when it’s accessible to anyone in your business who needs it. Designed as a strategic response management (SRM) platform, Responsive is flexible, customizable and equipped to meet your needs now and in the future.

Because the Responsive platform is designed to do more, your entire organization can access SME-approved content and answer any type of information request or questionnaire in minutes. The Responsive Content Library empowers efficiency across your entire business.

  • Pre-sales teams can answer requests for information (RFIs).
  • Sales teams can respond to RFPs and requests for quotes (RFQs).
  • Marketing can create branded templates and fine-tune messaging.
  • Finance and compliance can complete ESG and due diligence questionnaires (DDQs).
  • IT can respond to security questionnaires and third-party risk assessments.
  • Legal can review terms and conditions, request eSignatures and offer guidance.

Read more about the emergence of the Strategic Response Management (SRM) category in this report from Aragon Research.

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Less rework. Expert support. Cutting-edge innovation.

It’s more important than ever to respond to all types of information requests quickly, accurately and skillfully. Responsive delivers everything you need without limits — leading the way in platform usability, customer resources and innovative updates.

Head to head: Responsive vs. Qvidian

Ease of use

Ease of use

Customers who choose Responsive over Qvidian tell us that Qvidian technically offers the same functionality — but it often requires more manual steps, rework and review to achieve the results that Responsive delivers automatically.

Additionally, Responsive is designed to be easy to navigate and understand, even for users with little to no formal training. It offers a clean and organized layout, so finding information is quick and completing tasks is easy. On the other hand, while Qvidian’s interface is visually inviting, it requires a bit more time to navigate, which presents an adoption challenge for casual users like SMEs and executive approvers.

Customer resources and education

Customer resources and education

Both Responsive and Qvidian provide a number of resources and tools to ensure customer success. Each has a user community to connect with peers, extensive self-service help libraries, annual user conferences and helpful customer success teams.

However, there are a few differences in what Responsive and Qvidian offer. Qvidian has a free education series on beginner-level RFP and proposal skills. But, Responsive offers more in-depth certification courses on content management, project management and platform administration. They also offer monthly live workshops and webinars focused on professional development and solving common challenges.

Product Development

Product Development

When comparing Responsive and Qvidian, it’s important to not only consider their capabilities now, but also their approach to developing enhancements and new features in the future.

Responsive has a long history of responding quickly and thoughtfully to suggestions from customers. Additionally, Responsive takes a proactive, future-focused approach to new features and integrations. The product development team invests heavily in research and development to build cutting-edge features. Responsive is often first to market with new features incorporating the latest in AI and automation to improve efficiency and increase the value customers get from the platform.

Product development at Qvidian tends to be more reactive. They routinely implement enhancements and bug fixes based on customer feedback. And, they do eventually follow suit when Qvidian competitors release valuable new features.

Upgrading to Responsive is easy.


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