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3 Keys to Aligning RFP Process to Sales Cycle

RFP responses and proposals are a normal part of the sales cycle. However, proposal teams are rarely involved until the RFP hits a sales rep’s inbox. At that point, the deal is often more than 60 percent done, and it’s sent to the proposal team to bring it home. Unfortunately, this late-in-the-game handoff can lead to a fumble and cost you the deal.

In this webinar, we explore how to avoid last minute losses by aligning the sales and proposal teams earlier in the sales process.

Hear practical advice on how to:

  • Engage and interview a variety of sales roles
  • Align proposal builders, sales stakeholders and SME contributors
  • Find quick wins, gain sales buy-in and share results

Hosted by RFP process expert, Kelly Barnard CF APMP, you’ll learn how this approach leads to better collaboration, more compelling win themes and improved results. Watch the webinar now to get started.

Watch the Webinar