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How to Lead Your Sales Team to Successful Outcomes

You want your team to be successful. You want to give them the tools they need to thrive. But how do you turn ‘wanting’ into action? It starts with understanding each team member’s role in the process. Then you can find ways to remove barriers and work together more effectively.

From sales to proposal teams and subject matter experts to executives, this session focuses on actionable ways to bring these teams together as they all work toward the same goal.

Watch the webinar to explore:

  • The structure, relationships and challenges of a modern sales team
  • How capturing knowledge in a content library improves efficiency and relationships
  • Strategies for building a tech stack that empowers cross-functional collaboration

Hosted by Konnor Martin, Regional VP of Sales and at RFPIO, and Mitchell Hipp, Regional Sales Director, the conversation offers a refreshingly candid sales perspective about how we can empower our teams with the tools for success.

Watch the Webinar