Responsive expands AI leadership with new platform capabilities

Responsive’s latest product updates enhance user experiences by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve response times while significantly reducing effort, supporting multiple customer touchpoints across the response and sales cycles. Keep reading to see what’s new.

With an ever-evolving marketplace, buyer demands have become more exacting and evaluation criteria have become more stringent. Today’s B2B buyers are increasingly cautious before entering into business relationships. RFXs, security questionnaires and other information requests are becoming far more numerous, complex and lengthier to ensure that sellers and business partners are not only competitively priced, but align with buyers’ security requirements, business goals and values.

In short, this amounts to more buying committee members asking more numerous and detailed questions, putting more pressure on disparate teams at your organization to respond quickly and accurately to advance opportunities.

Traditional approaches that rely on manual processes and siloed company knowledge simply won’t cut it. Market leaders are harnessing a Strategic Response Management (SRM) platform to invest in a single source of truth for their most compelling, current, customer-facing content and to respond accurately and quickly. And they have higher win rates and revenue – and more unified, motivated teams – to show for it.

Responsive, the leader in SRM, understands these growing demands and continues to pave the way with the industry’s most innovative technologies. Our spring 2024 product updates include AI-driven functionalities that are designed to make organizations more competitive, secure, efficient and responsive.

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A very brief history of Responsive

Responsive has a single, simple yet powerful vision: To transform how organizations share and exchange information. We began our journey in 2016, by building the world’s most advanced AI-powered Strategic Response Management platform.

Certainly, a lot has changed in the near decade since our founding, and our platform has remained at the cutting edge of the most forward-thinking technologies. Today, almost 2,000 companies — including more than 20 percent of the Fortune 500 — with hundreds of thousands of users, trust us to help them advance their business goals.

Responsive’s spring 2024 product updates

As technology advances, so must we, which is why we work around the year to ensure that each of our customers remains competitive in a fast-moving business environment. Our latest innovations, unveiled in spring 2024, raise the bar even further with features and tools designed to empower employees and organizations to become more productive and help drive revenue and fuel growth.

The new capabilities include:

  • New UI Enhancements — A cleaner, more collaborative, easier to navigate and intuitive user experience
  • Ask Responsive (in beta) — An interactive chatbot providing company-wide access to your organization’s most trusted content, including content on ancillary sites such as help centers
  • Profile Center Salesforce Integration  — A powerful new integration that allows teams to easily view and share profiles like InfoSec credentials and risk assessments directly from Salesforce
  • Seismic Integration — Empowering GTM teams across the entire sales cycle by enabling all teams with the most up-to-date content and consistent messaging to win deals
  • Updates to Proposal Builder  — Create customized proposals without pre-existing templates and centralize all internal and external communication in one place

New UI Enhancements

A highly robust platform typically means a cluttered and confusing navigation screen, which can be the biggest obstacle to user adoption. Responsive’s new UI is cleaner, more intuitive and gives users more space to work.

The new navigation screen simplifies content management by providing a centralized destination for Q&A pairs, documents, sections and catalogs.

Key resources like Help Center, Notifications, Account Information and Support are easily discoverable and accessible with a single click. And, the new nine-dot application menu lets you navigate the platform with ease.

Ask Responsive (beta)

AI-powered Ask Responsive is a revolutionary advancement in SRM. It enables fast and personalized responses using natural language commands and frees users to work on the less tedious aspects of their jobs.

Most AI platforms and applications respond to a limited number of prompts. But we believe that AI should speak your language, not the other way around. Rather than having to memorize a fixed number of pre-programmed prompts, Ask Responsive responds to natural language and semantic searches, making it feel intuitive and conversational.

Ask Responsive will even automatically add citations, so you never have to question the accuracy or relevance of your responses. It generates responses using knowledge from your Content Library, and can also reference external sites (e.g., help centers).

Profile Center Salesforce Integration

Profile Center enables organizations to build trust and transparency with customers and prospects by proactively sharing critical information and credentials — while reducing the number of custom questionnaires that response teams need to create.

Commercial and InfoSec teams can create information profiles detailing assessments and credentials (e.g. SIG, CAIQ, VSA, SOC 2, ISO 27001), company policies (e.g. GDPR, ESG, DEI), and product information using rich, up-to-date, and validated content from the Responsive Content Library.

The new Profile Center integration with Salesforce makes sharing these profiles easier than ever. Users can now view and share profiles directly from Salesforce and even bypass NDAs if a matching NDA is found in Salesforce for a contact.

Integration with Seismic

A recent Hubspot report had some rather enlightening findings. It seems that sales reps are far less productive than they want to be, often for reasons out of their control. And it’s causing them to lose sales.

According to Hubspot:

  • Sales reps spend just two hours a day selling
  • Sales reps spend about an hour a day on administrative tasks, such as generating sales proposals
  • Elongated sales processes can lose deals

Hubspot also found that using the right content throughout the sales process positively influences 95 percent of B2B buying decisions and correlates with outperforming goals. Yet, locating the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information is often a scattered, frustrating process. With Responsive’s Seismic integration, field teams don’t need to worry about losing time hunting for the right content and can instead focus on what they do best — selling.

Responsive has the most robust integration suite in the SRM industry, and now, we partner with Seismic, the world’s leading sales enablement platform. The Responsive/Seismic partnership removes much of the frustration from the deal cycle by enabling teams to collaborate, personalize content, and evaluate which content works and what doesn’t — all from a single system.

Updates to Proposal Builder

While we’re on the subject of revenue-generating teams, Responsive’s Proposal Builder enables sales reps to deliver customized, branded, templated proposals in minutes.

The latest updates to Proposal Builder enable sellers to create customized proposals without pre-existing templates, leveraging the latest and most accurate company knowledge stored in the Responsive Platform. This fuels rep productivity by empowering frontline teams to quickly self-generate winning proposals with minimal time and training, while ensuring that the right content gets used every time.

Proposal Builder now also includes functionality that enables internal and external discussions, allowing you to centralize feedback and deal conversations in one place. 

Meeting the needs of key users

SRM is a holistic approach to response management, with benefits that reverberate throughout the organization. The spring 2024 Responsive Platform updates are a game-changer when it comes to efficiency and productivity gains for all cross-functional teams that collaborate across response processes.

  • Proposal teams — Become even more valuable to your organization by improving win rates and alleviating some of the most frustrating parts of your job — such as the go/no-go decision making process, finding and citing accurate information, writing strong executive summaries and cover letters, and trying to navigate a cluttered application framework — giving you time back to contribute strategically towards key business objectives.
  • Subject matter experts — Subject matter experts (SMEs) are among the most in-demand and knowledgeable people within an organization. Their input is critical to the success of any response project. However, information requests are often redundant and SMEs may be called upon to create nearly identical responses over and over again. With these latest updates, Responsive now uses AI to automatically find the most recent and best responses so SMEs are only tasked with approving them — saving them hours of work.
  • Asset managers, product managers, IT specialists, CIO/CISOs and InfoSec employees — Best-in-class AI technology provides immediate access to pre-approved accurate and up-to-date information, with citations, to convey trust and confidence with every deal. An improved user experience helps ensure adoption so teams can standardize on Responsive organization-wide.
  • Sales teams — Your time is best spent talking to customers and prospects, not creating proposals. Find relevant and accurate information fast, directly from Seismic, and create powerful cover letters and executive summaries, for polished and professional proposals built in minutes that help you win more business.
  • Executives, investors and boards of directors — Today’s business environment is fraught with risks unlike any seen before. Not only does Responsive keep all of your information private, our new products and features help ensure that all information shared by your organization with outside parties is properly vetted. And significantly improved response times help you meet your business goals in record speed.

Some final thoughts

Responsive’s spring 2024 updates are more than an upgrade. They continue to confirm our commitment to empowering organizations with the most advanced SRM technology to improve employee experience, mitigate risk and accelerate growth.

We’d love to showcase the enhancements. Let us know if you’d like a demo.

Wendy Gittleson

Wendy has more than 10 years experience as a B2B and B2C copywriter. She developed a passion for writing about tech from living in the San Francisco Bay Area and working for a technology school. From there, she transitioned to writing about everything from SaaS to hardware and cloud migration. She is excited to be part of the wonderful team at Responsive and looks forward to playing her part in building the future. Connect with Wendy on LinkedIn.

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