AI has always been in our DNA

Experience Layer

The latest in GenAI technology fuels the AI experience layer, making it simple for users to use natural language to generate and refine winning responses.

Reasoning Layer

The Responsive platform is purpose-built on an AI reasoning layer that powers smart recommendations and intelligent automation.

The AI Assistant you need is a prompt away

Leverage GenAI natively within the Responsive platform to automatically complete questionnaires, edit responses and fine tune answers. Easily tailor your response settings to meet the tone and conversational style that works for your business.

We were able to reduce the time maintaining our content library by 50% through the elimination of writing/editing tasks involved in each RFP response, and AI Assistant has contributed to our increasing win rate.

— Autumn Wenner, Content Proposal Specialist

Best-in class AI models built for SRM

Responsive combines general large language models (LLMs) with pre-trained natural language processing (NLP) and foundational AI models optimized for SRM  to power core platform services. AI-enabled capabilities include the content recommendation engine, workflow automation of repetitive tasks like file imports and data tagging, collaborator recommendations, and much more.

Our commitment to responsible AI is based on three tenets


Responsive’s AI systems work together with human experts, who are always in the loop, to review and approve AI-recommended content.


AI Assistant was developed to ensure that company-specific information isn’t added to third-party data models, protecting our customers’ data and that of their customers.


We believe in transparently sharing information about our AI practices as we continue to innovate the Responsive platform.

Meet the Responsive Platform

The Responsive Platform is purpose-built for strategic responsive management at scale, supporting every response use case and teams across companies of all sizes