Our commitment to ethical Al

Responsive artificial intelligence (AI) is developed and deployed with fairness, accountability, transparency and respect for privacy.

Al is transforming Strategic Response Management, enabling response, sales and security teams to work faster with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and collaboration. At Responsive, we build our Al with a principled commitment to our customers and users first, ensuring the strictest adherence to the most advanced security, transparency and data privacy standards.

AJ SUNDER, Chief Product and Information Officer, Responsive

Native AI built with purpose and integrity

Responsive AI technology reflects our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. The Responsive Platform is built on a best-in-class foundational reasoning layer for smart recommendations and intelligent automation. Our generative AI experience layer uses natural language prompts to create compelling responses in your company’s tone and style.

Our ethical promise to you:


Responsive's Al-driven platform is a powerful tool that helps organizations and response teams achieve better outcomes faster. Its greatest strength is that it makes user-driven processes more efficient and effective, while prioritizing and enhancing the human experience. Responsive AI is designed to augment human capabilities with end-to-end human involvement and an emphasis on respecting and safeguarding user rights and values.


Privacy is a core human right and now, more than ever, it's a foundational business concern. As the Al leader in Strategic Response Management (SRM), we follow the most stringent privacy protocols and set the standards for our industry and peers. Responsive Al is proprietary and no company-specific information is shared with third-party models or other Responsive customers. Responsive understands privacy concerns and safeguards your data — always.


Al has always been core to the Responsive platform. We've earned the trust of over 2000 companies this past decade through a transparent and principled approach that begins in the design and development phase, and extends to end-users and everyone in between. We are — and will continue to be — completely transparent about how data is collected, utilized and stored. Additionally, all technological and functional improvements will be clearly communicated to our customers.

Responsive Al fundamentals

At Responsive, we’re committed to continuously evolving our AI governance practices to stay at the forefront of technological and ethical standards.

Ethical use of AI

Our AI systems are developed and utilized based on the core principles of fairness, accountability, and transparency. We adhere to ISO/IEC 23053:2022 and other relevant standards to ensure ethical use of AI.
Responsive embraces a thoughtful approach to all AI development. We engage with customers, employees and partners to incorporate their insights into our AI development processes to ensure we’re always responsive to priorities and concerns.
We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our AI operations through sustainable practices, including efficient computing practices, the adoption of green computing technologies, and ongoing monitoring and reporting on the sustainability metrics of our AI systems.
We identify AI use cases within Responsive based on their potential to provide value to our customers. Each use case undergoes a thorough impact assessment to evaluate its benefits, risks and overall contribution to business goals.
We maintain high standards of data quality and uphold stringent data privacy and security measures, in compliance with SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR. We responsibly manage data throughout its lifecycle, from collection to deletion.
We are committed to transparency in our AI operations, ensuring that business leaders and Responsive users understand how AI decisions are made. We maintain comprehensive documentation of each AI model and the outputs of our AI systems.
Our AI models undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our industry-leading standards and perform as intended. We establish performance metrics and conduct regular validations to ensure accuracy and effectiveness, and we carry out regular audits and reviews to ensure compliance with our governance framework.
In accordance with our enduring commitment to improvement, we implement feedback mechanisms for learning and adaptation and establish a structured monitoring process to track the performance and impact of our AI applications.
Our AI governance framework complies with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and addresses ethical challenges. We are committed to continuously evolving our AI governance practices to stay at the forefront of technological and ethical standards.

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