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Okta + Responsive

Enhance productivity, log in securely, streamline your workflow, and enhnace your security program with single sign-on.

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Stay productive, focused, and secure

When you integrate Okta with your response process, you can spend your time responding, strategizing, and thinking—and let Okta worry about passwords and admin.

With the Okta-RFPIO integration, you can:

  • Login to RFPIO without creating a separate password.
  • Combine SSO with risk-based authentication, such as two-factor authentication, and rest assured your data is safe.
  • Automate account management. Automatically create (or delete) accounts as team members join and leave your organization.

Learn more and get support

  • Contact Sales for a customized demo.
  • Learn more about enabling Okta in the Help Center (only available for current RFPIO customers).
  • Read more about configuring SAML 2.0 for RFPIO on the Okta website

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RFPIO's Salesforce integration is helping our business be more efficient and organized with RFPs and RFIs. We can easily view insights and progress with every RFP, right from Salesforce.

Alison Moeller, Team Lead, RFP & Sales Enablement Accolade

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