Take the hassle out of making bid/no-bid decisions

Save time with AI-generated document summaries

Instantly condense hundreds of pages of dense text into concise summaries to streamline the evaluation of RFPs and other information requests.

Conduct complex fit analyses in seconds

Use Responsive AI to extract and sort key requirements into tables to analyze fit, plan responses and ensure compliance.

Build a response action plan in just a few clicks

Harness the power of AI to break RFPs down into discrete sections that can be assigned to the right subject matter experts for completion.

How Requirements Analysis works

How Requirements Analysis works

Generate document summaries with Document Analyzer

Use Responsive AI to quickly create summaries from lengthy information requests. Easily compile a list of key data points such as dates, time frames, contact information, financial figures, regulations, job titles, acronyms and more to understand new requests at a glance.

Check every box while staying compliant

Organize RFP requirements with just a few clicks using custom keyword dictionaries and machine learning technology. Track your organization’s compliance across all response types right in the Responsive Platform, or export and view in Excel.

Evaluate RFP fit and workload

Evaluate RFPs for keywords related to departments, skills sets, or products and match requirements to roles in your organization. Simplifying the go/no-go decision and identifying the right collaborators from the start is easier than ever.

Map project answers to requirements

Easily link project answers (for Q&A format responses) to compliance requirements so you address every single requirement and you’re 100% confident in a complete submission — every time.

Read what Responsive customers are saying

We use Requirements Analysis as part of our go/ no go process on proposals.The shredding capability allows us to quickly identify key themes, important dates and identify gaps. And running traceability before we submit makes sure that strategic answers are super polished and accurate.

– Andrew Mersman, Senior Director of Solution Consulting at Netsmart

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The Responsive Platform is purpose-built for strategic response management at scale, supporting every response type and uniting teams across companies of all sizes.

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