Building trust both ways with security questionnaire automation software

Building trust both ways with security questionnaire automation software

Vendor security questionnaires can be repetitive and time-consuming — and they’re growing in volume and complexity. Whether you’re responding to SIG, VSAQ, CAIQ, VSA, NIST 800-171 or CIS Controls, you need a knowledge base you can trust to ensure you’re providing accurate answers. That’s where Responsive (formerly RFPIO) security questionnaire software comes in. Trust your content, streamline processes and do more in less time.

Confirming compliance faster with security questionnaire software

Complete up to 80% of a security questionnaire automatically

End repetitive manual tasks, complete a first draft with data-driven recommendations from your content library, and streamline the review process for everyone involved.

Security questionnaire software integrates with your sales tech stack

Responsive integrates with CRMs, cloud storage solutions, Microsoft Office, web browsers, sales enablement and other core business applications.

Implement security questionnaire software to accelerate sales

VSQs often are the last step before confirming a new business relationship — use our automated software to eliminate the roadblocks, quickly.

Start with the rapid intake of almost any document type

Eliminate formatting headaches and delays by importing vendor security questionnaires as Word, Excel, PDF or other document format into our platform.

Respond confidently, accurately using our security questionnaire software

Enhance VSQ responses with tables, images and rich text — exporting security questionnaires into the original file or your own branded template — to foster trust.

AI-enabled content management makes every VSQ response smarter

Answer tough security questions faster, better with an AI-enabled recommendation engine that works with your expert content library to surface your best responses.

Responsive clients save hundreds of hours and millions of dollars

Organizations use Responsive security questionnaire software to establish a repeatable process, manage content, save time, reduce workloads and automate manual steps.

Bring your team together with security questionnaire software

  • Assign workflow tasks for every step of the process, keeping everyone aligned on project responsibilities and statuses.
  • Gain visibility into all team members’ workloads and assign or reassign tasks based on their availability.
  • Streamline collaboration with in-app comments, @mentioning and integrations with tools like Slack, Teams and Hangouts.
  • Select reviewers, collect feedback, work simultaneously and gather signatures through built-in sequential review and esignatures.
Bring your team together with security questionnaire software

Frequently asked questions about VSQ automation software

Which security questionnaire tasks can be automated?

  1. Questionnaire Generation: Automatically generate tailored questionnaires based on factors such as industry, compliance requirements, and the specific needs of the organization.
  2. Distribution: Automatically distribute questionnaires to relevant stakeholders, including employees, vendors, and partners, via email or through integrated platforms.
  3. Reminder and Follow-up: Send automated reminders to participants who have not completed or submitted their security questionnaires within a specified timeframe.
  4. Response Collection: Automatically collect and consolidate responses from participants into a centralized database or platform for analysis.
  5. Scoring and Analysis: Utilize AI algorithms to analyze responses, score questionnaire submissions, identify potential risks or gaps, and generate reports highlighting areas that need attention.
  6. Data Validation: Automate the validation of responses to ensure they meet predefined criteria or compliance requirements.
  7. Reporting and Documentation: Automatically generate comprehensive reports summarizing questionnaire results, highlighting key findings, and providing recommendations for improvement.
  8. Integration with Existing Systems: Integrate with other security tools and systems to streamline the questionnaire process, reduce manual effort, and minimize potential errors.
  9. Audit Trail and Compliance Tracking: Automatically maintain an audit trail of questionnaire activities and track compliance with internal policies, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.

Is a knowledge base the same as a content library?

A knowledge base is typically a centralized repository of information, expertise, and best practices on a specific topic or domain. It contains structured and organized content aimed at providing users with answers to common questions, troubleshooting guidance, how-to articles, and other informational resources. A content library is a collection of reusable content assets such as templates, documents, and images. It serves as a repository for storing and organizing content assets for reuse across various projects, initiatives, or campaigns. The primary focus of a content library is on providing access to content assets that can be easily repurposed or adapted for different purposes without the need to recreate them from scratch.