Getting to faster business results with strategic response management


New report: SRM is an essential SaaS category for go-to-market teams


In this foundational report, leading research firm, Aragon Research, outlines the case for an emerging software category — strategic response management. The report discusses the reasons traditional RFP response management isn’t addressing the digital transformation and AI requirements of modern, enterprise organizations.

Also highlighted are the core capabilities, use cases and underlying technologies necessary for vendors to be considered as viable in the SRM space. While defining the category, Aragon also presents the opportunities that strategic response management offers organizations who deploy SRM to streamline the entire external information request lifecycle.

By reading the report, you’ll learn:

  • Why the RFP response management category is undergoing a major technology and business evolution
  • How the SRM market is projected to grow from US $3.34B in 2022 to $22.74B by 2028 with a 35 percent CAGR
  • Why organizations can expect to win more deals, incur fewer risks and provide better employee experiences
  • Which emerging SRM SaaS technologies can scale to address multiple business needs all from a single platform
  • Who the leading strategic response management SaaS pioneers are and what differentiates them

If you’re interested in understanding more about strategic response management and the wide-ranging role SRM is expected to play across enterprises of all sizes and industries, you’ll want to download the complete Aragon Research report today.

Read the Aragon Research SRM report