The Art of Procurement podcast — Misused and misunderstood: Reclaim the power of the RFP

An RFP can be a powerful tool for strategic sourcing and it’s certainly a popular one. However, when it’s used as a part of a bureaucratic process  it quickly becomes frustrating for both the RFP issuer as well as the potential vendors. In an Art of Procurement podcast, Dave Hulsen, co-founder and COO of RFP360 joined Philip Ideson to discuss the topic saying:

“I think asking why you’re doing an RFP is a very important thing. If you are just looking to check a box, that’s not a good use of the RFP. That’s the crux of why the RFP has become a bad word over the years.”

The discussion goes on to cover a number of challenges facing procurement teams, helpful advice and industry insights.

Topics include:

  • How to use the full range of RFx tools for the best results
  • Tips for building efficient, effective RFPs
  • How to engage and educate stakeholders within the business
  • Advice for maintaining vendor relationships and improving communication

Listen to the Art of Procurement podcast to learn more and explore these topics fully.


Graham McConnell

Graham lives in the B2B marketing space. He dabbles in writing, usually about digital marketing, but has other interests like the Portland Trail Blazers, the Portland Timbers, sci-fi films, video games and of course, response management.

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