The Art of Procurement podcast — Misused and misunderstood: Reclaim the power of the RFP

An RFP can be a powerful tool for strategic sourcing and it’s certainly a popular one. However, when it’s used as a part of a bureaucratic process  it quickly becomes frustrating for both the RFP issuer as well as the potential vendors. In an Art of Procurement podcast, Dave Hulsen, co-founder and COO of RFP360 joined Philip Ideson to discuss the topic saying:

“I think asking why you’re doing an RFP is a very important thing. If you are just looking to check a box, that’s not a good use of the RFP. That’s the crux of why the RFP has become a bad word over the years.”

The discussion goes on to cover a number of challenges facing procurement teams, helpful advice and industry insights.

Topics include:

  • How to use the full range of RFx tools for the best results
  • Tips for building efficient, effective RFPs
  • How to engage and educate stakeholders within the business
  • Advice for maintaining vendor relationships and improving communication

Listen to the Art of Procurement podcast to learn more and explore these topics fully.