Elevate the RFP process in your asset management organization

In asset management, the RFP process is critical to winning new business. The prospect directly references your RFP document during the sales conversation. You must convey your organization in the most professional, appealing manner possible.

You’re here looking for ways to improve your RFP process flow. You’ve heard that RFP software manages your RFP process from beginning to end, but you’re wondering how. If you’re ready to empower your team, stand out in a competitive industry, and win more deals…keep reading.

Gain a competitive edge with a collaborative RFP process

Asset management is easily one of the most competitive industries out there. Right now you’re seeing a deluge of RFPs coming from institutional investors. When you’re submitting an RFP to a large pension investor, know that they are receiving 30-40 other RFPs for that single mandate.

Your organization’s RFP responses must stand out. With the sheer volume of RFPs that growing firms experience, the pressure is compounded. You need the best possible answers from all subject matter experts (SMEs) to make the final product shine.

But to do that, you need a better RFP process. RFP software rises to efficiency challenges, transforming RFP process management into a well-orchestrated strategy.

With a simple user interface—and helpful integrations with communications tools like Slack and CRMs like Salesforce—your team saves valuable time. A robust content library that’s easy to navigate puts quality information at everyone’s fingertips. There’s even an auto-respond feature to automatically and appropriately populate responses.

Optimize collaboration by saving time and streamlining communication. When collaboration improves, the quality and quantity of the final product improve exponentially. And that’s the name of the game—better and more RFPs.

RFP software content management benefits

As the financial service industry tends to have complex products and services, your RFPs and security questionnaires contain a wealth of valuable information.

You want to protect that precious data and curate a centralized content library. Gathering all the best responses into your Content Library is just the beginning when you use RFP software.

Review cycles and content audits

The Content Library gives you review cycles to simplify the daunting task of managing content during RFP projects and content audits. On a quarterly basis, question and answer pairs are sent to relevant subject matter experts for review. This way, you ensure that whatever goes out to prospects and clients is always accurate and current.

User-friendly and searchable

The structure of an RFP software Content Library is highly user-friendly and easy to search. With the help of artificial intelligence, the Content Library suggests relevant content and offers an auto-respond feature that populates answers with one click. Use what you need, then customize messaging and requirements at will.

Accessible knowledge and empowerment

RFP software empowers everyone on your team by organizing company information and making that knowledge widely accessible. Implement a custom tagging strategy so your team accesses the right question/answer pair easily whenever they need up-to-date content for RFPs, RFIs, security questionnaires, sales training, or prospect emails…the RFP software use case list goes on.

Easily build compliance into your RFP process flow

In asset management, you know the importance of compliance oversight. Financial institutions like yours must comply with an ever-growing complex web of regulations.

Not only is compliance harder than ever, but the cost of failure is crippling. Anything your organization sends out to clients or prospects, from RFPs to DDQs, must be approved by your hard-working compliance team.

RFP software doubles as a risk management tool. The Content Library was built with compliance oversight in mind. Answer library reviews can be set up so that your compliance officer is a moderator. Any time response content is changed or new content is added, your compliance officer must approve and finalize it before the RFP goes out the door.

RFP software takes on compliance requirements, turning them into a win for financial services organizations. As you respond to a myriad of business queries, your organization will be safeguarded by a compliant RFP process.

Elevate your asset management RFP process with RFPIO.

Justin Mehner

Justin is an Account Executive at RFPIO. He has over 7 years of experience selling solution-based software as a service. Justin previously lived and worked in Silicon Valley where he provided cybersecurity SAAS solutions to enterprise companies. Connect with Justin on LinkedIn.

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