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After hours crafting the perfect proposal, the email might seem like the sprinkles on top of the icing on the cake, in that it might look nice, but doesn’t add much substance. That doesn’t mean your email should be an afterthought. Like the right suit or hairstyle, the email is the first impression that sets the tone before the prospect even opens your proposal.

At Responsive, the last thing we want to do is put more work on your plate. So here are six of the most successful emails our proposal writers use. Feel free to copy and paste and use them as you see fit:

What’s an RFP response email?

An RFP response email is a formal communication channel between the requesting organization and the responding organization. The primary role of an RFP response email is to acknowledge the RFP, express interest in providing a proposal, and request any necessary information or clarifications.

Essential components of an RFP response email include:

  • Acknowledgment and thanks: Start by acknowledging receipt of the RFP and thanking the issuer for the opportunity to participate.
  • Confirmation of intent: Clearly state your intention to submit a proposal and express enthusiasm for the project.
  • Request for clarification (if needed): If any part of the RFP is unclear or if you require additional information, politely request clarification.
  • Key points of understanding: Summarize your understanding of the project scope, objectives, and requirements to demonstrate that you have grasped the essence of the RFP.
  • Timeline and logistics: Confirm the deadline for submission and inquire about any specific submission instructions or formats.
  • Contact information: Provide your contact details for further communication and clarify who the main point of contact will be from your side.
  • Closing: Close the email with a polite expression of gratitude and anticipation for the next steps in the process.

Why do RFP response emails matter?

RFP response emails are important because they set the tone for the proposal process, ensure mutual understanding, and help build a positive relationship between the organizations involved.

A carefully crafted RFP response email can significantly impact an RFP’s success by creating a positive impression, demonstrating understanding and commitment, and setting clear expectations for the proposal process.

Between communication apps, social media, and text messaging, email seems almost quaint. Still, a well-written RFP response email adds a level of professionalism to business communications, especially when you want to impress a prospect.

The reality is that writing emails is a core part of the proposal process, whether responding after receiving an RFP or sending an email for a proposal submission.

Process overview: when are response emails necessary?

  • After Receiving RFP: This email acknowledges receipt of the RFP, expresses thanks for the opportunity, and confirms your intent to submit a proposal.
  • To Clarify Project: If any part of the RFP is unclear or if you need additional information to prepare your proposal, this email seeks clarification from the issuing organization.
  • Proposal Submission: This email confirms the submission of your proposal, expresses gratitude for the opportunity, and provides any additional information requested in the RFP.
  • Following Up: If there has been no response after submitting your proposal, this email serves as a polite follow-up to inquire about the status of the evaluation process.
  • After Winning a Proposal: This email expresses gratitude for being selected and confirms your commitment to fulfilling the project requirements as outlined in your proposal.
  • After Losing a Proposal: This email graciously accepts the decision, expresses appreciation for the opportunity to participate, and seeks feedback to improve future proposals.

Request for proposal email template #1: Send after receiving RFP

Hi [First Name] –

I am honored that [Vendor] has been selected to respond for [Prospect]’s business through an RFP. We look forward to showing [Prospect] and the whole evaluation team why [Vendor] would be a strategic solution to address the current and future challenges that [Prospect] is facing in their RFP process.

Based on the current status in the request, I will show how [Vendor] will help to: create a more consistent process across international regions, save individuals time to focus on other initiatives, and provide insights into all RFP analytics across your organization.

I will follow up within the next week with any questions we have about the RFP.

Thanks again for the opportunity!


ProTip: Provide three specific pain points you will solve to show you are the right partner.

Looking for more RFP response templates? Download our guide.

Request for proposal email template #2: Send to clarify RFP project

Hi [First Name] –

It is apparent that [name(s)] spent a lot of time putting this request together. Thanks for sending us such an organized RFP outline…they aren’t always delivered this way!

At this time we are still reviewing, and the requirements are aligning well with [Vendor]’s offerings. We have outlined a few comments and questions. We would like to schedule a one-hour review session with your team to cover everything.

Is your team available at [11:30 a.m. PST] on [Friday] for this review session? Please confirm and I’ll send over a calendar invite.

Thanks and talk soon!


ProTip: A positive tone is always key with clarification requests.

Request for proposal email template #3: Use for proposal submission

Hi [First Name] –

I trust you are well and busy as you receive and review multiple RFP responses. Attached, you will find the following files and folders to accompany the RFP response from [Vendor]:

  • [Relevant File / Folder]
  • [Relevant File / Folder]
  • [Relevant File / Folder]
  • [Relevant File / Folder]

Our team would be honored to earn [Prospect]’s trust and business as a result of this RFP submission. The connection we have with [anecdotal personal point, story, business fact, mutual customers, relevant content identified in the sales process] makes the potential of our doing business together that much more exciting.

We look forward to the next steps to come as we continue this process together. I will be standing by for any follow-up questions from your review.

Thank you!


ProTip: Bring in a personal touch to avoid a bland RFP submission.

Request for proposal email template #4: Send 2 to follow-ups on proposal submission

The first follow-up: When you haven’t heard from the prospect, and the deadline has not passed.

Hi [First Name] –

I trust this finds you well and in the throes of the RFP review. As we approach your review timeline of [August 1], I wanted to check in proactively on [Vendor]’s submission.

Are there any follow-up questions or clarification points needed from [Vendor]? I would be happy to hop on a quick call or share a sample of our work to clarify any other functional requirements you might have.

Speak to you soon,


The second follow-up: When you still haven’t heard from the prospect, and the deadline has passed.

Hi [First Name] –

I’m reaching out to see if I can get an update on [Vendor]’s recent RFP submission. We passed our deadline of [August 1], and I haven’t heard from anyone at [Prospect] yet.

Perhaps the project is hung up due to competing priorities, the project is taking a different direction, or another vendor has been decided? Whatever the case may be, any updates would be greatly appreciated.

Speak to you soon,


ProTip: Keep your first follow-up message brief and polite. On the second follow-up, gently back away to see if that draws them in.

Request for proposal email template #5: Send after winning proposal

Hi [First Name] –

I was thrilled to learn that [Vendor] moved forward in the selection process. I speak for the entire team when I say that we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Per the outline of the RFP process, the next step is an onsite presentation for the last week of [August]. I am available [Mon-Wed] in the [afternoons]…do any of these times work for your team?

Very excited, thanks!


ProTip: Show your enthusiasm and keep the momentum going to move the project forward.

Request for proposal email template #6: Send after losing proposal

Hi [First Name] –

Thank you for the update. I am surprised by this result as I remember specifically how well the demo went with your team, and the excellent fit between [Prospect] and [Vendor].

I absolutely respect your decision, and I only ask for some additional feedback so I can understand how [Vendor] can continue to improve. Let’s schedule a few minutes to chat, so I can better understand the specifics you were looking for. Any feedback I can glean in this scenario is very valuable.

Thank you very much,


ProTip: Lose gracefully, but demonstrate complete confidence in your solution until the end. You never know…they may be back!

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