The Meetings Magazines: 3 reasons RFP software is the next must-have tool in event management

From sales conferences and incentive trips to association meeting and city-wide conventions, nearly every event begins as a request for proposal (RFP). Consequently, every event management RFP is an opportunity. Luckily, RFP software transforms how event management business is won.

Traditionally, creating winning proposals is a tedious and time consuming manual process. Event teams spend far too much time tracking down answers from previous proposals. Then, they rewrite answers and run around to consult with other departments. Certainly it is inefficient and frustrating, but RFP software improves the proposal process.

Explore the three ways RFP software for event management delivers huge benefits:

  1. Centralized proposal content for speedy responses
  2. Team collaboration to offer clear and accurate answers
  3. Automated proposal creation for enhanced efficiency

Learn more about how RFP360 is transforming the proposal process for Paragon Events, Inc.