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What do account executives, presales engineers, proposal managers, and sales leaders need from the sales tech stack? Download the white paper to find out, and see why some applications may be superfluous.

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Organizations that successfully operationalize their sales technology can benefit from an up to 20% revenue increase.

-Forrester, “Q2 2019 Global Sales Enablement ROI Survey”

How can each sales team member benefit from an optimized sales tech stack?

  • Account Executives: Depend less on other people to meet quota.
  • Presales Engineers: Steal time from manual, repetitive processes to be more innovative.
  • Proposal Managers: Jump into the revenue-generation game with better response quality.
  • Sales Leaders: Find peace of mind in visibility and reporting.

Get the white paper for more details on role-based sales technology needs.

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At least 60 minutes of the rest of a sales professional’s day may be spent toggling back and forth between applications.

-RingCentral, “App Overload is a Problem. This is Why it Matters.”

How’s your sales tech stack shaping up?

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  • Data-supported insight into sales tech stack applications that enable productivity and drive outcomes
  • Role-based analysis of what sales team members need now and moving forward from the sales tech stack
  • Explanation of the kind of outcomes organizations can expect from focused sales tech stacks

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