RFPIO ranked among top for diversity and inclusion as product continues to evolve industry expectation

The industry leader continues to drive innovation in its product and beyond. With strong leadership and a strong product, even a pandemic hasn’t stopped growth.

BEAVERTON, Ore., July 22, 2020 – RFPIO, the leader in cloud-based RFP response management software, announced its latest recognition among top CEOs for diversity and inclusion. This news comes on the heels of their latest product release which includes some industry firsts. The RFP and response management software market is one of the last sectors in sales technology to join the automation wave. It has evolved quickly and RFPIO has been leading the way since day one. Amidst protests and pandemics, businesses and leaders need solutions and examples — and RFPIO is delivering both.

Recognized by G2 among the Top 50 Products for Enterprise earlier this year, rated 4.9 of 5 stars by customers, and 4.8 of 5 stars by employees, the company’s investment in its product, customers, and team have paid off as demand for its solution has remained strong despite the economic slow down.

The company’s latest product release includes eSignature, Custom Reports and Dashboards, and Linked Companies. All focused on enterprise-level collaboration, these advancements once again raise the bar on what sales, marketing, and proposal teams can expect of response management solutions.

“This is the first time electronic signature functionality has been built into response management software,” said Chief Product Officer, AJ Sunder, “Cover letters, legal disclosures, authorization forms, RFPs, and solution scopes, all require signatures which previously required additional software and process. With e-signature, our users can securely collect signatures from stakeholders without leaving the platform.”

Available to all customers, the e-signature feature provides visibility into signature status, supports custom signing order, and captures a full audit trail of signing activities. Nearly 80% of surveyed beta participants reported collecting signatures manual or using third-party tools.

“Before RFPIO’s eSignature functionality, my team manually exported documents that required signatures, uploaded them to 3rd party signing applications, and then once signed by all parties, exported and imported them again to RFPIO. This process is made much easier and more efficient with eSignature, enabling them to request and collect signatures without leaving the platform,“ said Nitin Rai of Elevate Capital.

In today’s highly competitive environment, organizations have come to expect more from software vendors than ever before. Support for revenue-generating teams means increased support for process and content optimization, and enablement around reporting and data visualization. RFPIO’s new Custom Reports and Dashboards feature allows users to quickly build and create reports and dashboards tailored to their specific needs using more than 100 data points.

Enterprise organizations routinely work alongside partners, resellers, subsidiaries, and global business units. With variations of content spread across many locations and products or services — each being updated frequently, collaboration across these relationships can be challenging. RFPIO Linked Companies provides customers with a single source of truth for information — in a way easily and securely accessed by partners, resellers and subsidiaries.

“We look for employees and customers who are partners on our mission.” says Ganesh Sankar, the company’s CEO. “For RFPIO that has meant prioritizing culture fit while hiring quickly to keep up with our continuing growth.”