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"Best in Class for Value, Features and Innovation"


Reviewer: Alexei Budsan


What do you like best?

These folks are great to work with, they listen to your needs and try to solve them in upcoming releases. They are truly customer driven finding solutions to real world problems. A real plus when compared to the other large companies out there.

When we first looked into vendors for RFPs it was a daunting task, many had the same features but they just did not get it quite right. I’m glad I found them.


  • Able to import directly from RFPs, no need to use spreadsheets
  • Beautifully designed interface, easy to navigate, app like experience
  • Best value for overall price
  • Multiple custom variables, able to use “x” for items used throughout other responses, i.e. company names etc.
  • Use your own templates and have perfectly outputted content.
  • Single Sign-on with Salesforce integration option
  • Collaborative approach to proposals with unlimited users available

What do you dislike?

Hard to say, but like any software adoption, it will likely be from getting our salespeople to change their mindset from using Word only to an online experience in the cloud.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Take a look at the other vendors out there, we did and were quite happy with RFPIO.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Stale content and faster turn around time. Now everyone has access to the most up-to-date content at their fingertips.

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