A time-saving solution for experts

RFP automation software keeps you focused on your main priorities

Grow your company’s collective knowledge

Responsive stores all your previously answered questions in a centralized knowledge hub, giving the rest of your team a go-to place to find answers.

Contribute to responses from where you’re already working

Respond to questions directly from your favorite communication platform—be it email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts.

Put your expertise to good use

Use your expertise to grow your company’s knowledge base—and feel confident your knowledge is helping your company win new business.

Be recognized for your work

Responsive adds visibility into how your knowledge has contributed to your organization’s responses, so your entire organization will clearly understand the value you’re creating.

The right tool makes a huge difference

Automate your process

Responsive consolidates your knowledge in an AI-enabled Content Library, letting you focus on your other responsibilities.

Share your knowledge

Grow your company’s knowledge base with your expertise, and empower your team to win new business.

Flatten the learning curve

Contribute to responses with minimal training by responding directly from your email or favorite collaboration tool.

“With Responsive, our employees and partners can easily find the answers they need in the Answer Library—rather than tracking down the right sales engineer to answer their question.”

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