Stay consistent and on-brand across platforms

RFP software is the missing piece to brand consistency

Stick out from the crowd

Export proposals from RFPIO into custom branded templates, giving you that extra edge when you’re up against the competition.

Content creation, at scale

Empower your sales team to submit as many SOWs, brochure, and proactive proposals as they’d like using pre-approved messaging and consistent branding.

Gain visibility into proposal metrics

Link proposal operations directly to your CRM, and easily track lead source, opportunity value, and conversion tracking.

Help your team tell the right story

Fill your Content Library with narrative content in a way that is both informing and engaging—and make this content available to your entire team.

Take control of your responses

Maintain accuracy

Break down silos between team members by centralizing corporate content into a single hub, and ensure nothing gets out without marketing’s stamp of approval.

Stay on track

Gain real-time visibility into who’s working on what, what is left to be done, and when projects are due.


Work together on proposals with your entire team using in-app comments and @-messaging.

“We kind of market the answer library as our internal content Google. It’s the latest and greatest for all our content that anyone who is client-facing can use, even if it’s not for an RFP.”

Hope Henderson
Marketing Communication Coordinator - Alera Group

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