Insurance Journal – 3 ways technology makes broker RFP responses easier

RFPs are everywhere in the insurance industry. In fact, they’re becoming more competitive than ever as internet sourcing grows. Insurance brokers who can quickly respond with a proposal perfectly tailored for the client have a huge advantage. To accomplish this, broker RFP responses must become more efficient and effective. With this in mind, brokers are turning to RFP software to improve their process and spend less time responding to each proposal.

RFP software automates responses to standard questions using content from a centralized knowledge library. So, now that brokers don’t need to manually sift through spreadsheets and documents they have time to spend tailoring high-value content for each client.

The main benefits of RFP software for insurance proposals:

  • Process acceleration with automation
  • Clear collaboration and communication
  • Easy reporting with workflow and tracking tools

RFP technology allows better broker RFP responses while saving time. Consequently, brokers can then focus on building relationships, proposing creative solutions and differentiating themselves from the competition.


RD Symms

RD is a senior copywriter at Responsive. He has more than 15 years of experience in writing, content development, and creative strategy. Connect with RD on LinkedIn.

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