Strategic sourcing and proposal management solutions for healthcare

Introduce a better way to manage RFP-related processes — whether you’re searching for the right supplier, responding to a buyer’s request or completing security questionnaires.

We help all types of healthcare organizations with RFPs.

Whenever an RFP or another type of information request is part of your routine, RFP360 makes the process more intuitive, transparent and effective.

  • Healthcare technology (HIT) vendors
    Answer complex RFPs from hospitals and health systems with less effort and more success, supporting new sales growth.
  • IT procurement departments
    Improve how you identify, evaluate and select best-fit software and hardware vendors for your health system, hospital or clinic.
  • Pharmacy benefit managers (PBM)
    Respond to more requests from health insurance providers, meeting their quick deadlines with polished, effective bids.
  • Health insurance providers
    Streamline the process of soliciting bids from provider networks, pharmacy benefit managers and other service providers.


“What would have taken 70 work hours to get an RFP out the door, maybe now is 20 or less with RFP360. That’s freed up our subject matter experts to focus on account management, call center, operations and other tasks, and allowed me to generate new business.”

Eric McKinnon
Senior Vice President of Sales at CerpassRx

Software features you can depend on.

RFP360 streamlines healthcare-based RFPs, making your strategic sourcing and proposal management routines pain-free and hassle-free:

Issuing RFPs

  • Build RFPs quickly using saved questions and data collection tables
  • Fully vet supplier bids, objectively comparing and scoring them side by side
  • Communicate and negotiate easily with vendors in one secure platform

Responding to RFPs

  • Submit more effective bids in a fraction of the time, eliminating wasted effort
  • Coordinate responses, assign tasks and engage SMEs and other departments
  • Gain exposure to buyers and markets by responding to more opportunities

Managing knowledge

  • Manage expert answers proactively in a single, secure knowledge library
  • Collaborate easily on responses and security questionnaires in one place
  • Ensure that HIPAA, HITECH and other vital content is current and compliant

“Sometimes we only have two or three days to turn around a response, once I import the RFP into RFP360. So that’s just it, we’re able to meet these deadlines. I’m able to get the approvals, the rejections. I’m able to check on the status. I’m able to query who didn’t respond or who hasn’t looked at it. And that’s a great function.”

Nicole LaPak
Proposal Manager at CerpassRx


Our RFP software delivers lasting value and benefits.

We designed our platform with one goal in mind, making the proposal process effortless:

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