RFP software solutions for law firms

Create more effective proposals with less effort — transforming the way you respond to RFPs, build a book of business and engage organizations that are sourcing legal services.

We help firms grow their business.

  • Developing proposals
    Respond to RFPs in record time, leveraging automation, workflow and collaboration to draft, review, approve and deliver winning proposals.
  • Participating in legal panels
    Submit higher quality proposals that stand out, ensuring that you earn appointments to new panels or make the cut during panel reviews.
  • Completing security questionnaires
    Remove the burden from subject matter and IT experts by automatically filling in security assessments with accurate, approved answers.
  • Sourcing legal technology
    Issue your own RFPs easily — complete with vendor evaluation and scoring — to help you make the best possible IT buying decisions.

Discover the benefits of delivering faster proposals.

Many firms struggle with RFPs — from performing repetitive, manual tasks and chasing down approvals to searching spreadsheets, documents and emails for answers. Join a leading legal RFP consultant as he presents a more efficient, automated and effective way forward.

Software features that are easy to embrace.

RFP360 replaces time-consuming, complicated RFP tasks with a streamlined, quick routine, so your firm can be more responsive and successful:

Response management

  • Assign tasks, automate workflow, communicate and collaborate in one platform
  • Leverage answer intelligence (AI) to automatically suggest the best responses
  • Create, approve and deliver polished, standout proposals in fraction of the time

Knowledge management and extensions

  • Write, edit and review proposal answers and ensure they’re always up to date
  • Use our extensions to put knowledge at your fingertips whenever you need it
  • Centralize all expert answers in a knowledge library, speeding proposal creation

Request management

  • Publish and distribute your own RFPs easily to drive strategic sourcing projects
  • Leverage your know-how to build RFPs and other information requests for clients
  • Issue due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) to accelerate deals and transactions

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