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Develop and deliver on-brand RFP responses that help your organization stand out, saving you time and effort every step of the way.

Make the winning difference for your RFP project.

There’s nothing better than contributing to the success of an organization and being a key reason for it. We built RFP360 to help you do just that — boost the chance of winning RFPs using your knowledge and expertise.

Regardless of your role, we make it simple for you to write, edit, review and approve answers to RFP questions. We also enable you to easily manage proposal workflow, assign tasks and communicate — so you’re always part of the solution.

Manage and collaborate on RFP content in one place.

It’s not easy to produce winning RFP responses, especially if your process is disorganized and inefficient. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, email attachments and other technologies that aren’t fit for purpose also get in your way.

With RFP360, you get proposal manager software that provides everything you need to get the job done quickly. Everyone involved in your project works together, coordinating, communicating and collaborating on answers in a single hub.

Revolutionizing the way writers interact with RFPs.

Because their team members wear many hats, it’s important that proposals don’t distract from their other responsibilities. RFP360’s time-saving features ensure that doesn’t happen.

“We have a proposal writer on staff, but even she has other important responsibilities. RFP360 helps her and the rest of the team quickly craft effective proposals so they can get back to their other work knowing Technolutions is well-positioned with our prospective partners.”

– Laura Gardner, Chief of staff, Technolutions

Benefit from purposeful writing and editing tools.

As a proposal writer, software features matter. The last thing you need is a tool that’s distracting or frustrating. We designed RFP360 specifically to enhance your writing experience with capabilities that are useful and intuitive.

We make it easy to navigate proposals and find your work. It’s simple to write, edit and format responses and attach images or files. Our knowledge library saves you time, alerts notify you when tasks are due and approvals never slow you down.

Share your expert marketing content with anyone.

When every RFP response is saved in our knowledge library, organizations can centralize their most valuable information in a single, online repository. And when marketing is involved in the process, that knowledge becomes even more powerful.

That’s because you’re able to influence the messaging and perfect it. It’s then easily accessible across your organization from inside productivity applications your colleagues use every day — adding quality and consistency beyond just RFP projects.

RD Symms

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