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"This collaboration tool is impressing us more and more every day!"

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Reviewer: Victoria Bokhari

What do you like best?

A very powerful tool that has a very simple user interface. Minimal effort is required to get up and running, it truly is a “plug and play” application that continues to mature and evolve. The more you use it – the stronger it becomes. I have been able to train our sales team on how to use this tool to collaborate on proposals in only 1-10 minutes, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

Even better than the tool, if that is even possible, is the company that supports this product. They have a great response time and really listen to your questions and suggestions. Often, if they don’t have a feature you would like to see, an update will soon be created to accommodate your needs, making you feel like an integral part of this platform’s evolution process. Simple bi-directional interaction with Salesforce and Okta integration is a plus!

What do you dislike?

Nothing so far. If there is something that I would like to see feature-wise, there always seems to be a solution right around the bend. That means I don’t have any hang-ups on wishing for something that won’t happen.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We needed a collaboration tool that was more effective than working on google docs, where responses could be archived in a robust answer-library for future use instead of trying to re-invent a new response time and again.

We also required an innovative, non-traditional licensing structure that would enable our global sales team of 250+ representatives access to the answer database, but they only require actually working on the proposal on an as-needed basis. Sometimes one person would only need to create perhaps 5-6 RFPs in a year and we didn’t want to have a dedicated per-user license to support that infrequency.

RFPIO solved both these problems as well as many more benefits. What would take me hours of copy-paste-format-tweak now can be done in mere minutes. Even better is that once a response is drafted, it is automatically saved. Since we started working in RFPIO, I have not heard once “I know I answered this already, somewhere else…”

The inquiries on “where do we stand with this submittal” are also no longer asked. Everyone can see on the dashboard the percentage complete, and the status of each question. It has literally taken all the guess work out of the equation. Because of this, I have reduced my proposal response time from about 8-10 days to about 2-5 days.

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