RFP360 Moves to a New US Headquarters

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RFP360 Moves to a New US Headquarters

Big news: we’ve moved! And the new RFP360 headquarters is designed to anchor us as we grow. As our CEO David Lintz told Startland News,

“We’re built for the future. Getting space that accommodates our team is a step forward.”

Before our big move, RFP360 called three different spaces in Kansas City home, totaling about 3,200 square feet. The faster we have grown, the more important it is to have our full team united under one roof . . . and, we’re growing pretty quickly these days. With triple-digit revenue growth, we needed a space that is ideal for our company’s expansion. Space to stretch our wings, if you will.

Why the move — and what the RFP360 new office means to us

We’ve come a long way since our launch years ago in a collaborative space in Kansas City called Startup Village. Founded in 2012, RFP360 delivers the only RFP management solution that improves the RFP process for issuers and responders. Today, it’s our privilege to serve 23,000 users.

As our co-founder and lead engineer Stuart Ludlow told Startland News,

“We’re moving into a place — scale and scope — that Dave and I envisioned. In the early days, we were so focused on getting one foot in front of the other. Now, you look up and seven years have gone by and all of the sudden we realize we’ve gone a really long way. And we can see how much further we have to go.”

Our move to our new office, in Leawood, Kansas, is all about uniting our talented team under one roof, so the stage is set for our team to do what we do best: collaborate and innovate.

RFP360 achievements — How we’ve grown to where we are today

Our big move to our Leawood office, in the Kansas City suburbs, is the latest in a series of milestones. We kicked off 2018 with a bang, featured as one of Startland News’s “2018 Startups to Watch.”

In late 2018, we capitalized on our company’s traction and rebranded from our initial name, RFP365. 360, in contrast to 365, highlights our holistic, wraparound approach and our drive to help our clients continuously improve. That’s been our focus since our launch, and it remains our focus today.

Then we hit the ground running in early 2019 with a strategic investment from Five Elms Capital. The investment has enabled the RFP360 team to develop innovative new technologies and smart solutions for our clients.

Also in January, we welcomed our CEO, David Lintz, to the RFP360 leadership team. David came to RFP360 with a wealth of experience. He was one of the earliest hires at Perceptive Software, and before coming aboard at RFP360, David was the chief revenue officer for Tonic Health. His proven track record of driving rapid growth, plus his innate ability to build strong teams, has made him an ideal fit as RFP360 navigates our exciting growth.

In May, RFP360 was honored as a Top 10 Small Business by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. We were humbled to receive the coveted award, which received more than 2,000 nominations this year. And David took to the stage during a panel discussion at the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Celebration.

David shared RFP360’s challenges and successes, and revealed his expert advice for managing explosive growth, discussing how RFP360 grew from 18 employees to 36 in just 45 days and what learnings he gained in the process:

“Start thinking about tomorrow today. Think about a year from now what your business is going to look like and what’s going to break,” Lintz said.

Another critical factor in smart growth management, David shared on the panel, is building a bridge between people and processes. Staff at every level of the company needs to embrace the company’s method of scaling. And, David shared, if someone isn’t following the process, or is disengaged from the company’s approach to growth, the leadership team must be receptive to the reason why:

“Maybe it’s a broken process. If dogs aren’t eating the dog food, you might need to course correct.”

And today, our latest milestone: we’re proud to announce our new digs, at 8700 State Line Road in Leawood, Kansas.

About our new office space

So, why our Leawood office? And what makes it the perfect place for our RFP360 team to thrive? First, the office is in an ideal location. Convenient highway access is helpful for our employees who reside around the Kansas City metro. The new office is located near plenty of great spots, including Ward Parkway Center.

Then, there’s the extra elbow room. In early 2018, we were a smaller-but-mighty team. Today, we’re proud to be a team of more than 40 and growing weekly. And we plan to hire at least 10 more employees before the end of 2019 alone, identifying top talent to fill key software engineer and marketing roles. The new RFP360 HQ can be home to as many as 80 employees.

We designed our new offices with collaboration in mind. Our work stations feature low walls, so there are no obstacles and nothing in the way of great team communication. Every desk is an adjustable standing desk as well.

The office includes 11 private meeting rooms too. From team huddles to conference calls and everything in between, there’s always a space to connect.

Even our new kitchen and cafe space was created with collaboration in mind. More than a basic breakroom, the RFP360 cafe is a gathering place and destination where we host both internal meetings and clients. And then there’s the comfortable seating throughout the office, the coffee bar perfect for fueling up on caffeine, our slick 75-inch TV . . . so yes, in case you were wondering, we love it here.

From a strategic standpoint, the new RFP360 office includes at-a-glance screens for dashboard monitoring. These screens make it easier than ever to for all of us to track KPIs and evaluate progress, with each screen displaying a different dashboards from a different RFP360 department. Business updates, customer needs, goals and sales wins are instantly available. Our strong focus on customer support is always top of mind with these new displays around the office.

As David Lintz told the Kansas City Business Journal,

“Constant communication is something that’s important to us. It embodies the business.”

So please join us in celebrating our new move, and all it means for our company’s future. More than anything, our new space means we are equipped to serve our clients with excellence and move forward with great innovations.


As RFP360’s senior marketing manager, Zach is responsible for marketing and sales operations and support. He brings a wide range of marketing experience, with a background in content and product marketing, corporate communications, and demand generation. He believes strongly in the power of data to drive smart, strategic decision-making.

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