RFP360 Releases Proposal Management Enhancements

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RFP360 Releases Proposal Management Enhancements

Kansas City, MO – March 26, 2018 – RFP360, the leading provider of end-to-end request for proposal (RFP) management software, today announced new enhancements that empower users to more easily respond to RFPs and better manage crucial proposal content.

The enhancements empower users to merge RFP questions and assign a single response. For example, if an organization only has a single location, and an RFP asks:

  1. Where are you located?
  2. Where is your corporate office?
  3. Describe your office locations.

Users can associate each question with a single answer.

“With our recent enhancements, the RFP360 platform delivers even greater usability and efficiency for RFP responders as well as RFP issuers.” said David Lintz, CEO of RFP360. “Through our innovative platform RFP360 is transforming how buyers and sellers engage in issuing and responding to RFPs across the world.”

The enhancements also empower users to more easily store, organize, search, and reuse past proposal content with improved Knowledge Base functionality, including the ability to:

  • Import images.
  • Assign reviewers when adding new content.
  • Reduce redundant records by merging content with similar information.

And because users can import Excel files directly into the Knowledge Base, RFP360 helps organizations centralize proposal content normally spread across multiple spreadsheets.

“These enhancements are key to helping users leverage existing proposal content when responding to RFPs,” said Stuart Ludlow, Co-founder and CTO of RFP360. “Instead of starting from scratch with each RFP, users can leverage the content they’ve already created to quickly re-use that content for future prospects.”

These updates are the latest in a series of enhancements — including the addition of artificial intelligence to the solution’s bulk auto-answer tool and a new Client Discovery module for RFP issuers — that demonstrate RFP360’s commitment to providing innovative technology that streamlines the RFP process for everyone involved.

About RFP360
RFP360 offers the only full-circle RFP management solution designed for issuers and responders. Through innovative technology that leverages big data and automated workflows, as well as a keen understanding of the complexities of procurement and bidding, RFP360 helps its customers develop strategic RFP processes that deliver results. For more information, visit RFP360.com.

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