RFP360 releases knowledge extensions for Microsoft Office, Chrome and Firefox

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RFP360 releases knowledge extensions for Microsoft Office, Chrome and Firefox

LEAWOOD, Kan. — RFP360 today announced the immediate availability of knowledge extensions, an RFP software enhancement that provides instant access to the expert, curated knowledge used in proposals to people across the organization, in the context of the applications they’re actively using.

RFP360’s knowledge extensions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office productivity tools as an add-in and with Google Chrome and Firefox as browser extensions. They’re a powerful addition to the company’s innovative, purposeful approach to knowledge management. Here’s a closer look at their capabilities:

Microsoft Office

Users can instantly access the knowledge managed in RFP360 and insert it into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Outlook emails without ever leaving those applications. The add-in also intelligently suggests content when a user selects a word or phrase, using RFP360’s AI-enabled search.

Chrome and Firefox

Users can quickly find the right answers in an organization’s RFP360 knowledge library and paste them into online questionnaires, assessments and electronic forms using Chrome or Firefox. The extension can be launched from the browser toolbar with a single click and used inside active windows.

“When customers use RFP360 to manage their proposals and RFP responses, all of their most current, trusted and approved organizational knowledge is in one place,” said David Lintz, CEO of RFP360. “Why shouldn’t others across their organization be able to access that knowledge and use it effortlessly inside the productivity applications and browsers they use most? With our new knowledge extensions, they can have it all, right at their fingertips — eliminating rework, improving outcomes, mitigating risk, reducing costs and more.”

RFP360 knowledge extensions require a valid RFP360 subscription and an active knowledge library containing expert proposal responses and content, but an unlimited user and storage licensing model makes knowledge sharing a straightforward and cost-effective proposition. Organizations interested in learning more can visit rfp360.com/extensions.

About RFP360

RFP360 develops software solutions that transform how organizations worldwide request information, respond to requests and connect — making the RFP and proposal process far more efficient, effective, collaborative, consistent and repeatable for everyone. Our complete approach covers every angle, from knowledge management and response automation to request development and vendor evaluation.

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