Protect sourcing decisions with a vendor risk assessment.

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Engage vendors that take security and compliance as seriously as you do — easily including a risk-focused evaluation into your RFx process.

  • Mitigate vendor risk
  • Simplify assessments
  • Monitor continuously

Evaluate risk with software that simplifies any information request.

Issuing a vendor risk assessment is essential to strategic sourcing and procurement — and like RFPs, RFIs, RFQs and any other RFx — RFP360 offers a better way to get the answers you need.

  • Create a vendor risk assessment in minutes, importing a questionnaire or reusing a template from your library
  • Improve engagement by issuing a series of streamlined digital requests — RFI, RFP and supplier risk assessment
  • Leverage intuitive scoring features to empower the right people to quickly and objectively evaluate responses
  • Enable vendors to answer security profiles proactively and update them when needed for continuous monitoring
  • Cost-effectively enhance popular risk services like RiskRecon, KY3P and TruSight with follow-up assessments

How important is avoiding risk to procurement success?

The only thing more important to procurement professionals than mitigating risk is saving money, according to an in-depth survey from AoP.

Explore this and other request management insights by downloading this original research.

Compare vendor risk responses with reporting.

With consolidated reporting, you can use the answers collected in vendor risk assessments to get even more insight into a vendor’s security approach.

You can drill down into responses — evaluating answers across assessments, monitoring how a vendor’s answers have changed and making year-over-year comparisons.

Leading financial services firms trust RFP360.

In addition to vendor risk assessment, top consulting and financial services firms rely on our full-circle request management software to collect information — helping them make the right buying decisions for their organizations and also for their clients. Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Cut the time and effort spent on issuing RFPs, RFIs and RFQs
  • Eliminate redundant work, using an RFx template library
  • Enhance communication with vendors, clients and partners
  • Collaborate with clients and vendors on an RFx in one tool
  • Differentiate your services by delivering a better experience
  • Ensure data-driven objectivity during evaluation with scoring

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