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How Proposal Teams Boost Sales Productivity and Outcomes

We know that bid and proposal managers deliver tremendous value — but does your organization understand everything you do to drive revenue?

Organizations with dedicated bid and proposal managers submit 3.5x more responses to RFPs than those without. And, each additional RFP answered (thanks to proposal managers) represents an opportunity to win new business that can add up to millions, or even billions, of dollars per year. But if you’re like many practitioners, you may feel like your business takes this work for granted.

In this webinar, Kelly Barnard, CF APMP, RFPIO’s own Response Management Strategist, will share actionable insights and advice from more than 10 years as a leading proposal professional. Using her experience in the field, she shares how to leverage your unique position and skillset to drive team collaboration, secure more successful outcomes and advance your career.

Download now to explore how to:

  • Create strategies and processes that drive sales productivity
  • Collect performance data and quantify your value to leadership
  • Build an integrated sales technology stack that supports your goals

A must-watch for ambitious bid and proposal professionals, Kelly’s insights and personal experience will resonate with anyone who’s familiar with wrangling SMEs, shaping compelling win themes and meeting tight deadlines, all in the name of responding to RFPs.

Watch the Webinar