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Building a Solid Content Foundation

Content is key to the success of your RFP response. But, when your content library becomes disorganized and cluttered, it can cause all kinds of problems. You may find yourself spending hours looking for the right responses or asking SMEs questions they’ve already answered. Or, even worse, you may submit a proposal that contains incorrect or outdated information.

In this webinar, Monica Patterson, an RFP content management expert shares her three-step process for building a solid content foundation.

This guide explores learn how to:

  • Perform an ROT analysis of your proposal content
  • Conduct a content audit using built-in tools in RFPIO
  • Set up review cycles and assign content owners

So, if you’re struggling to keep your RFP content library clean and organized, you’re in the right place. And, the good news is that cleaning up your RFP content library isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Watch now to learn how.

Watch the Webinar